October 02, 2022

Psychoanalysis, the three benefits of travel

The company announced a major news last night. The year-end bonus was issued in advance. The whole office cheered. Everyone is planning how to reward themselves by the end of the year.

Some people want to buy brand-name bags, some want to buy the latest mobile phones, some want to check in at the Michelin restaurant, but Xiao Zhang, a literary and artistic young man sitting in the corner, said nothing. He took out his phone, opened the “horse honeycomb” app, and started planning immediately , Ready to give myself a walk-and-go trip.

With regard to travel, you may have never heard of these three benefits.

01. Travel can magnify your landscape

If you meet a person who feels that you are in harmony with yourself in all aspects, and there is no obstacle to communication, then he may have opened a downward compatibility mode for you. This is a very high pattern, and travel can magnify your pattern.

I know a young couple who used to quarrel about trivial matters, but recently I heard that since they went to travel, their relationship is getting better and better.

In the eyes of outsiders, they have a good family background and lead a near-middle class life. However, it is just such an enviable family that will be frustrated by the monotony and tediousness of life.

Perhaps monotony and repetition can really destroy a hero, because living in one place for a long time can easily make people lose sight of the whole world and experience the diversity of life. If things go on like this, people’s minds will become closed.

Traveling can make you have a different experience, let you think outside of yourself, and give you all kinds of novel experiences.

Later, I heard people say that something changed their minds during the journey. They passed by a wonton shop during the journey, and the shop was opened by an old couple who was nearly half a century old.

At that time, such a scene happened, because Wonton forgot to put the salt, the wife kept blaming her husband, but the second husband was not angry at all, but kept calming his wife’s emotions. After a while, the wife’s emotions calmed down.

At this time, the two of them looked stupid. If it happened to them, they would have started accusing each other a long time ago. Since then, they have set a rule that as long as they quarrel, the boys must admit their mistakes to the girls as soon as possible.

The weak retaliate, the strong forgive, and the wise ignore. This is probably the most precious experience the young man has learned from this trip.

02. Travel can reshape your perception

There is a genre of psychological counseling called “cognitive behavioral therapy”. Its core method is to find people’s inherent core beliefs and change cognition to achieve the purpose of changing behavior. Travel can reshape your cognition.

My previous company had a project director, who had a very outstanding performance and was quickly promoted to department manager.

The strange thing is that it is such a successful person who suddenly suffered from anxiety for a while, and was accompanied by insomnia all night.

Finally, the company arranged a small holiday for him and asked him to fix it. After returning from the holiday, his whole person became extremely calm, as if he was reborn. In his own words, this trip broke his obsession. , Let him gain freedom and new life.

In the past, he always felt that he was omnipotent and his subordinates were inferior to him. Therefore, on the one hand, he accused his subordinates of incompetence, but on the other hand, he intervened in his subordinates at critical moments. In this way, although he maintained his narcissism, it dampened the enthusiasm of his subordinates.

During this trip, he suddenly realized that even without him, the department can still operate normally, and even some young colleagues put forward many creative ideas. What he needs to do now is to “determine a strategy and give directions.”

Since taking that trip, his overall state has become much more relaxed, and his interpersonal relationship has become harmonious.

A few days ago, “996, ICU” was screened in the circle of friends, and some netizens ridiculed that “working overtime is good for a while, and working overtime is always good.” Behind these voices, they represent groups who only have work but no life.

Young people in modern society are under too much pressure, and the number of sudden deaths is increasing year by year, but the fact is that as long as you work overtime, you will have endless classes.

The belief that may be hidden behind this phenomenon is that “working overtime equals struggle, and young people cannot be comfortable.” There is a similar belief that “I must eat.”

Therefore, there is compensatory eating, and you may eat a lot of junk food because you didn’t eat a good meal;

I must fall asleep, so the more I want to fall asleep, the more I can’t fall asleep.

I must not miss it, and stay up late with revenge. Even if it is late, I must brush through all the circle of friends I missed during the day, because only in this way can I feel at ease.

If you are always stressed, it is better to arrange a trip for yourself to experience the lifestyles of different regions and different groups. Perhaps you can get rid of some of the inherent concepts that restrict you, change some unhealthy lifestyles, and let your exhausted body and mind. Place.

03. Travel can discover the meaning of life

Everyone’s life is a process of finding oneself. Socrates also said, “Unexamined life is not worth living.” If you often cannot find the meaning of life, it is better to arrange a trip for yourself, because travel can Help you find the meaning of life.

Boss Li (played by Xu Zheng), a successful career man in the Chinese movie “People on the Road”, went back to his hometown to celebrate the New Year, and met cow Geng (played by Wang Baoqiang), the milker at the airport. From then on, Boss Li has been in bad luck. Niu Geng is honest and honest, sincere and optimistic. Boss Li is full of bitterness and complains.

During the journey, Boss Li found that the more he wanted to get rid of the shackles of worldly life, the more he couldn’t make it, the more he pursued success in the worldly sense, and the farther away he was from happiness.

On the contrary, it is Niu Geng. Not only is there no other distracting thoughts, but he can also get happiness easily. Look at Boss Li. Although he has a successful career, he is full of sadness and anger. He doesn’t know what he wants. .

After some twists and turns, his ego began to loosen. He stopped trying to control his life and began to accept life’s thrashing calmly. Just as Boss Li said to Niu Geng in the film, “Thank you, it was you who let I discovered how embarrassed my life is.”

At this time, he no longer gave up on himself, no longer blamed others, he began to return to his heart, accept the impermanence of life, and think about the most important things in life.

In the end, he found some of the most important things in his life, perhaps love, family, friendship, or sincerity, optimism, kindness, etc. After this trip, he might understand that happiness is actually very simple. But he had been ignored before.

The ancient Greek temple of Delphi is engraved on the doorpost: “Know yourself”. Only after a person truly knows himself can he truly love himself. Only if he learns to love himself well, It is possible to love others well.

If you always don’t know what you want, it is better to try a trip, because any book we have ever read, any friend we have met, and any road we have walked all lead to self-knowledge.

Life is not easy, each of us is our own hero.