September 30, 2022

[Psychological dream interpretation] What does it mean to dream of a publisher?

What does it mean to be a publisher in a dream? In a dream, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

The publisher in the dream indicates a long journey and a love of literature and art.

A woman dreams that her husband is a publisher. She will be jealous of more than one woman with whom he has a relationship, and some embarrassing events will follow.

Dreaming that the publisher rejects the manuscript you wrote, foreshadows the failure of the original idea of ​​a lot of novels and disappoints you.

If the publisher accepts your manuscript in your dream, it indicates that all your hopes will become reality, and you will be very happy.

If the publisher loses the manuscript, it indicates that a stranger will bring you misfortune.

Article publishing often represents a kind of warning in dreams, which means that there is a bad thing that will cause a wide range of negative effects.

The writer dreams that his literary works will be published, which indicates that some unexpected circumstances will affect his publication.

In my dream, my article was published in the journal, indicating that my living condition will be improved.

Dreaming of becoming a publisher in my dream indicates that my legal rights and interests will be infringed, and will cause serious losses to myself, so I must take up my own legal weapons to protect my own interests.