October 02, 2022

What does it mean to have a fat girlfriend in the dream?

What does it mean to have a fat girlfriend in my dream? In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

In the dream, the fattening of the girlfriend is the subconscious manifestation of the care for each other. The girlfriend mentioned here refers to female friends.

The incumbent’s dream of a girlfriend getting fat indicates that his recent economy will suffer and he will suffer economic losses due to face problems.

The old man’s dream of his wife becoming fat indicates that he will have the opportunity to travel and will gain a lot.

In a woman’s dream, her girlfriend gets fat, which indicates that she will have physical problems.

The old man dreamed that his girlfriend became fat, indicating that many interesting things would happen around him.

In the businessman’s dream, his girlfriend becomes fat, indicating that he will have a lot of entertainment and financial difficulties.

In the dream, the body is getting fat rapidly, and the fortune of money is on the rise. You can expect a temporary income. Just open your wallet and wait for the reward.

Dreaming that your waist is fat and round, it means that your luck will get better and better, and everything will make you satisfied and everything goes smoothly.

In the dream, I gain weight, money luck will rise, and I will have a considerable income.

Dreaming of becoming fatter, the poor will become richer and richer, and the rich will prosper.

Obesity in the dream means that the dreamer’s wealth will gather more and more.

Dreaming that others are getting fatter means that there will be an unusual and prosperous day waiting for you.

If you are too fat in your dreams, then you have to review your moral values.
The patient became fat in his dream, and there is no cure.

Dreaming of being obese or getting blessed indicates that you are not cautious under certain circumstances. It creates a condition that does not bring you benefits, but makes you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Dreaming that the lover gains weight indicates that the relationship between husband and wife will be very sweet.