September 30, 2022

What does fat woman mean in dreams?

What does fat woman mean in dream?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

The fat woman in the dream of a migrant worker indicates that the relationship between you and your boss at work will be filled with a harmonious atmosphere. If you are a proactive person with a bold personality and arrogant arrogance, it is easy to offend your boss. You should curb your irritable temper. Even if you disagree with your boss, you should communicate and discuss with your boss in a peaceful manner and seek solutions together. The method of the problem. If you can manage the relationship between you and your boss well in the previous stage, and get good communication with your boss, then the relationship between you and your boss can go further, and you can relax with your boss when you are off work One click will help narrow the distance between you and your boss.

The fat woman in the dreams of young migrant workers means that your fortune will be good, fame and fortune, but if you are too proud, you will easily fail.

If you want a good friend in the scholar’s ​​dream to gain weight, you need to put commonly used learning-related things within reach in your studies, and put important school supplies and materials in a cardboard box or drawer to avoid going over and over. Find.

In a businessman’s dream, a good friend gains weight, and his wealth is normal. It is possible to borrow money with relatives, and it is easier to lose money if he changes his original plan.

In the dream, the body is getting fat rapidly, and the fortune of money tends to rise. You can expect a temporary income. You just open your wallet and wait for the reward.

The dream of being obese or having a blessing indicates that the dream is not cautious under certain circumstances. It creates a condition that does not bring benefits to oneself, but makes one feel extremely uncomfortable.

Dreaming of becoming a bloated fat person indicates that you begin to notice your own conceit and pride, and realize the tendency to guard against your own shallowness in your personality; at the same time, the dreamer also understands his desires and the elements of greed for enjoyment through dreams, and This kind of personality is something you didn’t have before.

The dream of getting fat by yourself indicates that your troubles will be resolved soon, and your life will be extremely happy in health, money, love and other aspects.

A businessman’s dream of becoming fat indicates that your recent financial luck is good. The increase in income is often proportional to the hard work of your job, and the willingness to save is high. Risks and profits in investment have increased, and you must be more cautious when you make a shot.

A man’s dream of getting fat on his own indicates that you have a normal fortune recently.

An office worker’s dream of becoming fat indicates that you can cope with it calmly at work, have a strong desire to express yourself and realize value, and have more creative ideas, and you have the opportunity to achieve a match between work and interests.
Dreaming that the lover gains weight indicates that the relationship between husband and wife will be very sweet.

The girl in the dream gains weight, which indicates that her communication skills have been improved.

The incumbent’s dream of a girlfriend getting fat indicates that his recent economy will suffer and he will suffer economic losses due to face problems.

The old man’s dream of his wife becoming fat indicates that he will have the opportunity to travel and will gain a lot.

In a woman’s dream, her girlfriend gets fat, which indicates that she will have physical problems.

The old man dreamed that his girlfriend became fat, indicating that many interesting things would happen around him.

If you dream that your friend is getting fat, you will be punished by law for the crime.

Adults dream that their friends are getting fat, and they still need to be careful of respiratory diseases. The shoulder is the most discomfortable area. In addition, with more thoughts, the body and mind are easily tense, and a quiet environment helps you relax.

In your dream, the child gains weight. You will spend a lot of energy at work, as it is to improve your competitiveness, but you still have to do your own work. You can put aside your work and engage in some relaxing sports.

In the dreams of wage earners, when the child gains weight, they work in a stable state and act cautiously, but they are often not decisive in making decisions and pay attention to details more time-consuming.

Looking for a worker, the child is getting fat in the dream, which indicates that the job hunting fortune is average. Although it is expected to be favored by more companies, the performance is not stable. Some utilitarian thinking makes the recruiter doubt your sincerity.