April 20, 2021

What does the head in the dream mean?

What does the head in the dream mean?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

The head becomes bigger in the dream, which means to get a reminder.

Washing your hair in a dream indicates that all sorrows will pass.

Holding your head with your hands in your dream, there will be good news.

The head of the child in the dream indicates that the dreamer is pursuing a happy life in the future;

The bleeding head in the dream means that the dreamer has something wrong, and self-efforts will be in vain;

Headache or head injury in the dream means that the dreamer has something to worry about disturbing the mind;

The head swelled several times in the dream indicates that the dreamer is more prosperous than adversity in life;

I found myself having two heads in my dream, indicating that the dreamer will be promoted rapidly, but this state is unstable;

In the dream, my head and body are separated, and the head is in a different place, which means that I am confused and at a loss for the problem that the dreamer has been thinking about, and I want to abandon it and escape;

In the dream, if the body is separated and only the head is left, and the shape of the head is slender, it means that one’s head is only sexual impulse but not thinking, and it implies that the dreamer only has a strong interest in sex and has no achievements in other things;

Seeing your head in the mirror in the dream means that the dreamer will be promoted;

Someone in the dream swings a sword to cut off their head, which means that the dreamer’s own sorrow will cause dissatisfaction of others, and you and your family should pay attention to your words and actions;

Holding the head with both hands in the dream indicates that the dreamer will hold his sorrow in his hands and keep everything under control.

To dream of having a big head means to improve. It may also be an increase in sorrow, but this is not like hair, which indicates additional sorrow, but means one’s own duty. In other words, there will be more troubles within oneself, which is usually regarded as the meaning of promotion. Seeing one’s head in the mirror also means improvement, but this is because you have the courage to face your own problems and have enough courage to take on your duties, so you will be appreciated by your superiors.

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