September 30, 2022

What is the psychoanalysis of the winner in psychology?

“I can smell victory!”

This is often regarded as a rhetorical sentence with metaphor, but in recent years scientists have discovered that this sentence may not stop there. Human body odor really conveys a certain message!

You do not believe? Wouldn’t it be surprising if this sentence were placed on animals?

The witty animals decide to “fight” or “flee” by smell

Animals will compete for precious resources, such as food, territory or spouse.

However, animals do not easily enter a fighting state, and only challenge their opponents when they have a chance to win. In order to judge whether they have a chance of winning in the competition, they have already learned eighteen martial arts: “watching words and watching colors” plus smelling.

They consider the relative size of the competitors, the ferocity of the voice, the memories of previous interactions, and… the smell.

Smell is a powerful tool for them to assess opponents’ dominance. For example, male rats with lower status will avoid the scent markers of male rats with higher status, because males with higher status have won before and are likely to win again. If you don’t want to be beaten again, it’s better to avoid them. open.

Does victory make human men smell more attractive?

Similar to animals, humans also compete in a variety of activities, some common physical competitions such as boxing, taekwondo or mixed martial arts (MMA). So do you think that winning or losing the game will affect the athlete’s body taste? Does the victorious person also smell more attractive?

This is exactly the question some psychologists at Charles University in Prague want to answer.

To this end, they recruited 40 male athletes from the mixed martial arts stadium in the Czech Republic. Before the start of the Czech Amateur Mixed Martial Arts League competition, each player wears a clean T-shirt as required. After the game, they all put on another T-shirt. The researchers refrigerated two sweaty T-shirts to preserve their body odor.

After returning to the university, the researchers thawed the T-shirt, took the underarm part, and recruited a group of student volunteers to smell it. Volunteers then rated the masculinity, strength, pleasure and attractiveness of each T-shirt smell. There is no limit to the time for sniffing, but the researchers said: “I don’t think anyone will spend too long on this task.”

It turns out that regardless of whether the contestants won or not, the pleasantness and attractiveness of the smell on their T-shirts after the competition were reduced, but they smelled more manly. But compared with the winner, the odor pleasure of the loser is reduced more obviously.

In other words, failure does have a more negative impact on body odor!

The negative emotional state of athletes can explain this effect: people who lose the game have more negative emotions, and this negative emotional state affects others’ perception of their attractiveness.

Scent of a man?

Other studies have found similar results: women in stable relationships prefer the dominant male scent during ovulation, while single women and non-ovulatory women do not. In addition, the higher the individual’s evaluation of their own dominance, the higher the score of the opposite sex’s dominance of other’s body odor, but there is no significant difference in the scores of the same sex’s dominance of their body odor.

Therefore, the judgment of dominant position may be very important in choosing a spouse.

We can explain it from the perspective of evolutionary psychology. For animals, choosing a more dominant opposite sex when choosing a mate can obtain more resources and is more conducive to the reproduction of offspring. This may also be the case for humans.

Smell fear

In addition to smelling the fragrance of success, individual dominance and attraction of the opposite sex from the smell, humans can also smell emotions from the smell, such as fear——

A research team collected sweat samples of novices before skydiving and running on a treadmill. Research participants needed to smell these two sets of samples and perform brain scans at the same time. It was found that when participants smelled the sweat collected during parachuting, their amygdala and hypothalamus became more active, and these two areas are closely connected with fear.

That is to say, when an individual smells the smell produced by others in fear, they will also have a similar emotional response, that is, feel afraid. It can be seen that the “smell of fear” and “smell of success” we often say are not just subtle art of language, but a real phenomenon.

So have you smelled any magical smell? What smell do you think you can smell?
No matter what odor passes through Xuetangjun’s nasal cavity, it will automatically turn into the taste of food. For example, the lawn that has just been repaired smells “grass cake”, the quilt that has been exposed to the sun smells of freshly baked bread, and the rattling atmosphere when arguing with the subject smells of green lemon… .Writing articles is “bitter”, and readers’ comments are all strawberry flavor?