October 02, 2022

What does the medical examination in the dream mean?

Dream checkup What does it mean to check the body?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

The medical examination in the dream indicates that I am very worried about my physical condition, so I will go for the medical examination in the dream. In addition, it also expressed that I feel that I have a problem, which is not necessarily related to health, and may also have problems in other areas.

The physical examination of the elderly in the dream indicates that the dreamer’s body will be very healthy and will be able to live a hundred years old. This is due to the benefits brought by the care of the body.

In the businessmen’s dream, they must always be careful about the flow of their funds, because there are some villains who want to seek your property.

The physical examination of the student in the dream indicates that the dreamer is not satisfied with his academic performance, is very afraid of the elders to ask about his own performance, and wants to avoid it as much as possible.

The medical examination of the patient’s dream indicates that the dreamer’s condition is not optimistic, and it may take long-term treatment to have hope of recovery, so be psychologically prepared.

The physical examination in a man’s dream indicates that the dreamer is very confused about his career development, does not know where he is going, and is in a state of confusion about his life.

The medical examination in a woman’s dream indicates that the dreamer attaches great importance to the beauty of her figure and believes that beauty is everything to her, and she does not want any imperfections.

Case analysis of medical examination in dreams

Dream description: I had two dreams about checking my body last night. The first one is that there is a person in my dream. This person is like my second cousin and a doctor (my second cousin is not a doctor). He gave me my pulse, and it turned out that my lungs were rotten (in the hospital in March this year). The chest side view showed that the lung texture increased. The doctor said it was caused by lung inflammation). He prescribed some medicines for me, but said that these medicines might be useless, and advised me to check it. Secondly, I was in the hospital in my dream and had a B-ultrasound. It seemed that the B-ultrasound machine was broken, and the doctor who checked me gave me some pain. But in the end it was checked, and it was said that there was no problem. There are some details here, but I can’t remember them anymore. I asked it if the B-ultrasound showed stomach disease, and he said it could not. Then a doctor asked me to go for a gastroscopy. I said that I heard that it is painful to do a gastroscopy. Can I change to a CT scan? He said that there is no disease detected by CT. So I went to a small open-air house to do a gastroscope. There is a very young child in the small room, who seems to be also a doctor, as well as a female doctor. Looks like my cousin accompanied me to check. I said can I use a smaller probe? The female doctor said that the smaller probe is not clean and might be stained with other people’s feces. So she put a bigger probe into my mouth (it seems that this probe is smaller than the average one). I said that it is painful to have a gastroscope, can I not do it? The kid said he had done it too, it didn’t matter. But I woke up before the gastroscope started. May I ask why I have these two dreams? I heard that the dreams can tell a person’s recent mental state, and at the same time it can also indicate a person’s physical illness. What kind of mental state do I express when I have these two dreams? Or do they indicate that I have a physical illness?

Dream analysis: Checking your body in your dream is to remind you to pay attention to your body, especially the result of your examination in your dream. The doctor said that there is a problem with your lungs. The lung disease in your dream also reminds you to pay attention to your physical health. The second dream is to check for stomach diseases. This dream reflects that you are currently very frustrated. Some things prevent you from vomiting quickly. These two dreams are just your body reminding you to pay attention to your own feelings and express your emotions.