October 05, 2022

What does it mean to have long hair in a dream?

What does it mean to have long hair in a dream?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

Buddhists regard hair as a symbol of worldly troubles. In dreams, hair means bad luck.

Dreaming that my hair grows longer means that bad luck is increased, or I get sick, or suffer poverty. And if someone else’s hair grows in the dream, it means that your view of the world is that everyone’s life is more and more troublesome. At this time, you will be tired of the worldly life, longing to become a monk, you will be tired of the worldly life, and leave home to practice hard.

According to tradition, the meaning of hair in a woman’s dream is different. Because women are in a subordinate position in the family, if bad luck is interpreted as obedience to the husband, then this bad luck is a woman’s duty.

Therefore, a woman’s hair grows in her dream, which means the couple is loving and happy for a long time. And if you lose or cut your hair in your dream, it is a sign of widowhood. If someone grabs the hair and drags it away, it means leaving one’s duty, leaving one’s husband, or death.

The long hair covers your face in the dream, suggesting that you may be troubled by misunderstanding with others.
Many, many long hairs in dreams, with endless strands of hair, usually indicate a happy life or a wish will come true.

In the dream, your hair is long and messy and tangled together, which means that you may have complex emotional disputes such as love triangles, which makes you very troubled.

A case study of a female ghost with long hair in a dream

Dream description: I dreamed of feeling like I was in a forest, walking on a small road. However, as I walked, some female ghosts wearing white clothes appeared on both sides of the small road, one by one flying back and forth in the air. I was scared, because the pedestrians on the way past were caused by their beckoning, all of them fell into the river. Some of the people who fell into the river came ashore, some did not.

At this time, I saw a triangular red house. After entering, I found a female ghost with long hair and shawl wrapped me in a red cloth. In this way, I passed safely without being recruited by the ghost. .

Zhou Gong’s dream interpretation: There are no ghosts in real life, but in dreams, most people can encounter ghosts. Why? In fact, this is human emotions at work. Generally speaking, a white robe appears in a dream and walking. Female ghosts with long hair and long hair often represent the embodiment of depression.
The scene in the dream is actually the man’s fear of women. In the case, there is water in the river, and the water represents the woman (a woman is like water). The ghost in white beckoned to him, and it was the temptation of the woman to him and fell into the river. The people here just fall into the emotional world. And the triangular red house shows that this man had a love triangle and was hurt. In the end, the red cloth wrapped him, which means that he has not escaped the shadow, so as to reject the temptation of women.