September 30, 2022

What does weight mean in dreams?

What does weight mean in dreams?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

Weighing in the dream indicates that you will improve your character by strengthening your sense of justice, and at the same time bring yourself satisfaction in life.

If it is a young woman, weighing her lover in a dream indicates that her lover will become more trustworthy, and he will use his loyalty to repay her love.

Dreaming of yourself weighing yourself implies that you are being tested and weighed by an authority figure. Be careful about the impression you leave on others in the near future.

If you feel that you are very light in your dream, it symbolizes that everything is going well and there is no trouble.

If you feel heavy in your dream, it means that you will be valued, your status will be improved, and your status will be improved.

Weighing others in the dream means that you can make them fully obey your interests.

Dreaming of becoming a bloated fat man indicates that you have begun to notice your own arrogance and pride, aware of the tendency to guard against your superficiality in your personality; also understand your infinite desires and the current situation of coveting enjoyment through dreams.

The fat doll in the dream shows that you will have a very unusual happiness, which will leave a lasting memory in your life.

The fat woman in the dreams of young migrant workers means that you will be happy and successful in your career. Don’t be excited.

The businessman’s dream of a good friend gaining weight indicates that your wealth is average, and you may borrow money with your relatives. Changing the original plan is easier to lose money.

Dreaming of becoming obese implies that wealth is coming in and you will get a stable and comfortable position.

Regardless of men and women, if they dream of being super fat, he or she must be alert to their moral standards and not act impulsively. Do not exaggerate or ignore the problems of yourself or others, because perhaps it implies misfortune and evil.

Seeing other people obese in a dream indicates the arrival of an extraordinary period of activity and development.

Case analysis of weight in dreams

Dream description: The clothes I wore in my dream last night became very short and couldn’t cover my belly. I still couldn’t pull it down, and my shoulders became bigger in my dream. I felt that my weight became fat again in my dream. I woke up very worried and anxiously. What does this dream mean? Does it mean that I am still getting fat? I don’t want it!

Dream analysis: The dream of getting fat is not really about getting fat. It is to remind you to pay attention to details, to imply that wealth is coming in and you will get a stable and comfortable position.