October 07, 2022

What does a mole in a dream mean?

What does a mole in a dream mean?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

Seeing moles or similar scars and other blemishes on someone else’s body in a dream implies illness and quarrels.

The mole in my dream indicates that there is a problem with my physical condition.

The mole was removed in the dream, indicating that the troubles and sorrows have disappeared.

The big mole in the dream may be in fire. Be especially careful when traveling, try to avoid staying in high-rise hotels, it is best to choose low-rise hotels.

A mole on his face in my dream is a good sign, indicating good news in sports.

A mole on your nose in your dream indicates that you may have troubles and troubles in love.
A mole on the face in the dream indicates good health.

The mole that suddenly grew on your body in your dream is an auspicious dream, which means that you can achieve great gains if you put in a little effort. Just like you at work, as long as you put in a little effort, you have the opportunity to get promoted and raise your salary.

And if you dream of a mole on someone else, it means that that person is your noble person and you can ask him to help you.

In the dream, there are cripples on his face, and I am about to live a happy life.

The long spit on the face of the candidate in his dream indicates that his test results are good.

A child’s dream with a scum on his face is your luck, sincerity is good luck, and evil thoughts are bad luck.

Case analysis of moles in dreams

Description of the dream: In a strange dream, I went back to the third grade school. The reason is not clear. The strange thing is that many of my classmates don’t know each other. Only a few familiar people are still elementary school classmates. In the end, my deskmate was a girl. , Had to pull me to skip class, and seemed to have a good impression of me. The school was completely different. He also went to a very strange little dark room, which was very shabby and dark. He blocked the door with bamboo curtains and couldn’t see clearly. When I finally walked out of the school, I kept talking to her, but she kept ignoring me. The more I talked, the drier my mouth became. In the end, my mouth became dry and speechless. I gave her money to tell her to buy water. I woke up. I can’t see her appearance clearly. I only remember that there were two moles on the right side of her neck, very close, and there were four moles on the back of her neck, so I remember it clearly.

Dream analysis: The neck is the most important hub of the human body, and moles represent blemishes and diseases. A mole on your neck means that a key part of you is sick or a key relationship has problems.