October 02, 2022

What does lung and liver mean in dreams?

What does lung and liver mean in dreams?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

In the dream, the lungs and liver are like stones. Blessed, the patient will recover.

Pregnant women dream of replacing the lungs and liver. It indicates that you will give birth to a son.

The lungs dominate the breathing, and the lungs are sorrowful and crying. Worry and worry, crying.

Feeling bad lungs in a dream not only points to lung problems or diseases, but also indicates emotional problems, such as sentimentality, emotional instability, often sadness, tears, etc.

Smokers have darkened lungs in their dreams, which indicates that the dreamer has lung problems and needs to quit smoking.
There is water or mucus in the lungs in the dream, which indicates that the dreamer has pneumonia or bronchitis and other diseases.

The lungs are the resting space of the body, and it is the bellows of the body, which spurs the fire of life.

The lungs in the dream remind people to pay attention to their physical health.

The liver in a dream usually indicates that the dreamer’s depressed mood needs to burst.

The diseased liver in the dream means that the life-long partner you will choose is a person with irritable personality. She has to pick faults all the time, and your life will be full of worries and anxiety.

The liver in the dream is a symbol of good or bad mood.

The liver in the dream indicates the depression and outbreak of the dreamer’s emotions; the damage to the liver in the dream indicates that the dreamer’s improper handling of emotions in daily life will lead to poor interpersonal relationships.

Eating liver in the dream indicates that the liar is trying to please your lover.