October 05, 2022

What do cheeks mean in dreams?

What do cheeks mean in dreams?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

The cheek in the dream symbolizes the passion and vitality of life.

The person I had a crush in my dream kissed my right cheek. The right cheek generally means that the other party also has a crush or likes you, and it is very likely that the other party already has a girlfriend, so it is a secret kiss.

In the dream, my cheek was cracked, indicating that unfortunate things are coming.

Hairy cheeks in the dream means that the dreamer will have official luck.

The beautiful face in the dream will make you happy.

The ugly face in the dream is about to face misfortune.

In the dream, my face was swollen or redder than before, and I wanted to become a rich person.

Distorted face in the dream, disaster is coming.

In the dream, one’s face becomes pale or sallow, which means losing money.

In the dream, my face is not good, and I will be sad.

In the dream, the wife’s face is not good-looking, and she will fight fiercely with the morally corrupt and street people.

The young man dreamed that his couple’s face was pale, and the marriage would be strongly opposed by the wife’s parents.

In the dream, his child’s face will be pale, and his income will drop sharply.

The patient’s face is pale in the dream, and he will quickly recover.

An unmarried woman has a pale face in her dream and will marry a weak man.

A married woman dreams of her face pale and she will become pregnant.

The unemployed have a bad face in their dreams. If they can find a well-paid job, their life will be prosperous.

In my dream, I fell into disrepair on the mountain. I like to live a leisurely life without being disturbed by the outside world. It is a very romantic thing to walk in the mountains and woods. However, this kind of leisurely life still has difficulties to disturb. your life.

In the dream, when you walked up the stairs, you broke your face, indicating that you did not work hard and your foundation is not firmly established, but you will still collapse. Despite this, your ambition is very big and you hide deeply. Some ideas are viewed by others. I don’t know you, and I can’t understand your ideas. If you work hard, you will be successful and successful in your career.

In the dream, someone else accidentally scratched his face with a knife and broke the appearance, indicating that the villain appears. You are in the light and the villain is in the dark. You have to pay attention. Be cautious. If there is no loophole, take the opportunity, and the villain will leave.