October 02, 2022

What do brothers and sisters in dream mean?

What do brothers and sisters in dream mean?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

In dreams, brothers and sisters sometimes indicate that the body is stimulated by the environment, and subconsciously recalls the situation in which you were fighting for parental love in your childhood. If you dream of the death of your brothers and sisters, it may mean that the competition between them was fierce at that time, leaving deep anxiety in your childhood heart. However, this kind of competition is only the memory of childhood anxiety left in the dream, or the impression left by a conflict in your youth. In today’s life, the hostility between you may have faded long ago, and we are very happy to get along. On the other hand, the brothers and sisters in the dream may also represent a certain component of your own personality, or suggest the need to strengthen a certain part of yourself.

Generally speaking, the brothers and sisters in the dream are united, which means family harmony and economic stability.

A man dreams of sisters may symbolize that you have emotional secrets in your heart. A woman’s dream of a sister may also imply that you are at odds with your family.

A woman’s dream of a sister may also imply that you are at odds with your family.

A man’s dream brother may imply that you are at odds with your family.

A woman dreams of a brother, which means family unity.

In my dream, I covered a quilt with my brothers and sisters. After the rain passed the sky, my health increased. In the next month, although I am a little bit unsatisfactory, I will be energetic and can live a life free of illness and pain.
Dreaming of going out to play with your brother or sister in your dream may indicate that you will make new friends because of like-minded people and have the opportunity to become a confidant.

Dreaming of family siblings gathering or traveling together may indicate differences or difficulties in the family.

The dream of brothers and sisters being on the same boat indicates that the family will face difficulties and suffer losses.

Playing happily with yourself and your brothers and sisters in your dream may remind you that there will be disputes in your home, and you need to think about family and friendship and communicate harmoniously; on the other hand, it may also indicate that there will be family members who are sick, and you need to be careful about your family’s health.

Dreaming of doing something together with your brothers and sisters in your dreams means that you have made significant progress in your work or study. All the difficult subjects in the past will have good scores; it is also possible to be praised by the teacher in public, which will make you look bright.

If brothers and sisters gather together to distribute the family’s belongings in the dream, it indicates that the parents will experience accidents, or the family will be unlucky.

In the dream, you are arguing with your brothers and sisters. Good things indicate that you may get a windfall and get rich.

Dreaming that you are separated from your brothers and sisters in your dreams indicates that you will make significant progress in personal relationships, your dependence on your family will be reduced, and you will have new sustenance in your heart.

The marriage of brothers and sisters in the dream indicates that unlucky things may happen to the brothers and sisters who are married in the dream.

If you see your brother in poverty and desperation in your dream, it means you may encounter misfortune, or experience serious setbacks and losses.

The death of brothers and sisters in the dream may just mean that you have a good relationship with them now and get along well.
In the dream, the brothers and sisters have a traffic accident. On the one hand, it means that there may be competition around you now and you hope that the competitors will disappear as soon as possible; on the other hand, it may also imply that the brothers and sisters in the dream may actually have an accident.

Dreams of brothers and sisters being ill or causing troubles indicate that the family will encounter difficulties and experience distress.

Dreams of being bullied by your brother or sister and unwilling to heart, suggest that your relationship will be ups and downs.
The brothers quarrel in the dream, suggesting bad luck in the game, no matter what kind of game they participate in, they will lose. This state will last for half a year, so be mentally prepared!

Dream interpretation
If your brother or sister appears in a dream, you must first determine whether the dream is about your real brother or sister and your relationship with them; or whether your brother or sister is a part of your own personality. If it’s the former, this dream must be due to your recent interaction with them or the news about them. However, in general, even if you have the basis of real experience during the day, the brothers and sisters in your dreams often represent certain elements of your own personality.

In the early days of life, siblings are often the object of envy and hatred. In the eyes of children, mothers always seem to prefer other siblings. The jealousy of brothers and sisters will be brought to adulthood (at the subconscious level) and continue to affect our behaviors and attitudes. Therefore, it is necessary for us to face this jealousy and acknowledge it so that we will no longer be negatively affected by it. influences.

The elder brother in the male dream and the sister in the female dream represent another part of your self. This self was seriously ignored and failed to develop. Jung called it the shadow. The self-image of adults is the result of a compromise between their own wishes and the demands of society and parents.

If this self-image matches the actual ability of a person, everything will look fine for a period of time. But there are times when we need to pay attention to the neglected selves, and these neglected parts are shadows. They will show themselves in their dreams. Pretending to be a brother or sister is one of the ways they show themselves.
People often cast their shadows on the hands and feet of the same sex. If it is not projected, what it expresses will make oneself embarrassed and embarrassed.

What needs to be remembered is: your subconscious mind is your ally and close friend. The reason they look scary is because they have been ignored and kept in dust for too long. Give them proper attention and respect, and they will work well with your consciousness.

There is a way to help you check whether you have a neglected shadow self. You can ask yourself if you are extremely dissatisfied with other people, especially your spouse’s certain personality traits, such as bossy or undisciplined.

If there are (of course you need to be honest enough to admit it), then these qualities are likely to belong to your shadow. We tend to project the bad things in our subconscious onto others.

The sisters in the male dreams and the brothers in the female dreams represent the soul images that Jung said, that is, anima and animus. Physiological differences seem to determine the fundamental difference between men and women. There are some traits that are agreed to be feminine, such as tenderness, care, cooperation, creativity, and intuition. Similarly, there are others called male traits, such as aggressiveness, competitiveness, rationality, analysis, etc. However, today’s psychotherapists have reached a consensus that men have feminine qualities in their hearts, and vice versa.

Although these components of the opposite sex are latent, neglected or suppressed. If you are a man, do you admire a masculine woman? If your answer is yes, then maybe you need to adjust your heart: your femininity may have swallowed your masculinity. Now you need to strengthen the latter. In this case, Anima is quite masculine.

Every male or female may have a heroic dream related to anim and animus. Men will save women trapped in poverty in their dreams; women will wake up the prince who died in their dreams in their own soft kisses. This dream should be understood as you: an invitation to cooperate with your anima and animus components. This is the only way to a complete personality, which shows that you are in harmony with your own opposite sex.
The sister in the male dream or the brother in the female dream may lead the dreamer into the abyss, into the bottom of the sea, or into the dark jungle. This means that the dreamer is brought into the subconscious by the opposite sex. To discover the emotional causes of physical and mental illness, suppressed anger, or discover energy and wisdom.

Sometimes the image of the opposite sex can be hostile. A threatening look appeared. For example, in a man’s dream, his anima plays the image of a witch, lures the man into the lake or the sea. The depth of water can be regarded as the depth of consciousness.

The meaning of this dream: the dreamer needs to reveal his other, subconscious self, even though it is dangerous. Water is also a symbol of women. Therefore, the meaning of this dream may mean that the dreamer is too attached to his mother and needs to rely on his masculinity and independence to liberate himself.

In extreme cases, the dreamer may be controlled by his femininity. However, this kind of dream is not a warning, but an invitation: the subconscious mind encourages the dreamer to get along with her inner female component as equals.

As far as women are concerned, such dreams often have a male seducer. Of course, the dreamer must first figure out whether this type of dream is a warning or an invitation. It is to warn the dreamer not to be driven by her masculinity (perhaps she has not solved the Oedipus complex), or to invite you to discover and use your neglected masculinity. No matter what, you should remember to treat the opposite sex equally.

The subconscious’s compensation for consciousness includes the lack of quality and ability of consciousness.

Therefore, the elements of the opposite sex appearing in dreams are often opposite to their own images. For example, a rational woman who dreams of sentimental type animus, such as a sentimental woman (conscious level is mainly emotional, including moral emotions), her animus will be a long beard The image of a professor or other intellectual appears; an intuitive woman (such as an artist), her animus may be a muscular man.

If the brother and sister appear together in the dream, it may symbolize the struggle or union between the two parts. The two parts here represent conscious content and subconscious content.

Their union means that the true self (which is always in the human heart) has been realized. This is a sign of auspiciousness, and it means that although the two parts are relative, there is already a potentially obtainable order and harmony in your heart. Of course, your conscious self must pay enough attention to your subconscious partner (like a prince to kiss a sleeping beauty), so that the underlying order can be fully realized.

The self in the dream generally symbolizes the conscious self. The other parts, the subconscious part, often use other things to symbolize, such as: other people, animals, objects, etc.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The first impression of the concept of family is that it is completely safe, capable of reproducing offspring and full of descendants. Generally speaking, if the child cannot inherit the influence, the above-mentioned family pattern will be destroyed. Through the dream, people try to re-correct the pattern or confirm the destroyed scene. Dreams may involve disputes with a family member, but dream interpretation involves more than dreams. There are also reasons for your actual relationship with that person. The future relationship of the family is affected by the addition of family members.

Psychological analysis: People strive for their own personality development and fulfillment, which causes some contradictions and conflicts, which are common things in family relationships. Of course, this is not essential for every family. People play around with family members’ game pictures in their dreams to show the difficulties they face without harming any of them. There is also a noteworthy fact here. If a member of this family is committed to dream interpretation, he will have a profound influence on other members of the family, affecting their activities and subconscious understanding. The various problems that a person can encounter in his life are almost without exception reflected in the family. In the time when you encounter huge burdens, you often dream about the problems and difficulties of your family.

Spiritual symbol: dream of a man’s brother or a woman’s sister: the first person in the world to have a close relationship between a woman and a man is usually her father. If a woman plans to develop herself or develop a romantic relationship with other men, she should learn to jump out of the relationship with her father and learn to deal with her own feelings.

Case analysis of brothers and sisters in dreams

Everyone in my dream became zombies. My brother accidentally fell from upstairs and was surrounded by zombies. I also jumped down. But I didn’t see my brother. I hate those zombies. I want to kill them. But what? I couldn’t finish it, so I went upstairs to look for my brother again, and I met someone who said he knew where my brother was and didn’t hurt him.

Dream analysis: It means deep brotherhood. In the dream, being bullied by brothers or sisters and unwilling, brothers and sisters bring up twists and turns. Just for a small matter, there must be a dispute. At this time, it is best for the parents to come forward to be a fair person.