September 30, 2022

What does it mean to dream of a company employee?

Dream Chinese staff What does company staff mean?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

Dreaming of company employees or clerks is usually a manifestation of daily work pressure.

For example, if there are countless identical tables in the dream, and the staff’s face is blurred, it shows the pressure brought by the busy city life that makes you feel breathless, as well as the debt, unemployment crisis, obscurity, etc. Anxiety.

Dreaming of sitting in an office as a clerk implies that unfortunately busy days are about to begin.

Dreaming of being a clerk in an insurance company will make your business rich.

The leader’s dream of quarreling with employees indicates that you are very entangled in your relationship life recently. It is easy to present a farce scene, and in the end, you can’t sort out your feelings. It is recommended that you settle down when you do everything. Can escape disaster.

Dreaming of your own company employee with a bad attitude indicates that you will accept some hardships or turmoil in the near future. It is recommended that you be psychologically prepared.

Dreaming of your own company employee, and having a peaceful and humorous attitude, indicates that your recent fortunes are good. In real life, everything is going smoothly without embarrassment. It is a good omen.

Reprimanding company employees in your dream indicates that your fortune is average, and you must work hard to pass the test. Therefore, you must be proficient in career or other things. Don’t run a business in the near future to avoid your boss’s investigation and catching. All right.

Case analysis

Dream description: I am a female employee of a large company. I have been working there for more than three years. I usually get along with my colleagues and the relationship with the boss is pretty good, but the other day I dreamed of quarreling with the boss of the company, and The boss in the dream is not my immediate boss. I quarreled very fiercely with her. The reason for the quarrel in the dream was that the female boss didn’t know why she had a meeting in our department, and what she said was meaningless in my opinion, so I said that I wanted to end the meeting soon. And said, these are all irrelevant things, why do we have to talk for so long? Besides, this is our department, you are a waste of our time here and hinder us from doing things. Because of this, the female boss in the dream was very angry, so she let me out. But I refused, thinking that this is our department and she has no rights. Then, I quarreled with the female boss without showing any weakness. What does this female employee mean in her dream with the last quarrel?

Dream analysis: Quarreling with the boss in the dream means that the dreamer is a very independent, creative or innovative person, and sometimes disagrees with the leader. Although I have suggestions, sometimes I don’t know how to express it. Well, even if there is an opinion about the boss, it did not explode. Sometimes bosses are too conservative and will conduct long-term evaluations when developing new projects and dare not start new innovations casually. Just like the female boss in your dream, blindly working according to her own ideas and completely ignoring everyone’s opinions, even if everyone thinks it is a meaningless meeting, she still wants to extend it to finish. It may also be that the boss, in some respects, does act arbitrarily and is a little self-serving. The dreamer wants to play his abilities in real life but will be blocked, or the dreamer thinks that his abilities are already strong enough to be competent. Higher positions or more salaries, without the approval of the leader, all kinds of dissatisfaction with the status quo is always buried in the heart, which adds extra pressure to the dreamer.