October 02, 2022

What should we do when we are alone and have no friends?

Carnegie once said: “Success comes from 85% personal connections and 15% professional knowledge.” It can be seen that good interpersonal relationships are not only the needs of our physical and mental health, the foundation of happiness in life, and the guarantee of career success.

In the practice of counseling on weekdays, people often encounter the subject of asking for help in interpersonal relationships. She told me that since I was young, I have been very unconfident and dare not interact with people, and I don’t know what to say. Therefore, I always feel that I am lonely and I have no friends to socialize. This is still the case whether I am studying or working. This is indeed a problem. We all know that everyone is not only an independent individual, but also a social person. We aspire to be accepted and recognized by others and to integrate into the group. Only in this way can we have more security and happiness. .

But in real life, there are indeed many people who lack interpersonal communication, which affects all aspects of themselves. For example, self-recognition of inferiority and self-blame, such as emotional depression and anxiety, lack of emotional friendship, feeling of not being taken seriously in the workplace, etc., it can be seen how harmonious and stable interpersonal relationships have a great impact on us.

Of course, there are many reasons for this kind of interpersonal obstacles, such as poor relationships from the original family, psychological and emotional problems, personal personality traits, limited knowledge horizons, and narrow social interactions. This actually requires an individual. It is also possible to seek social resources and obtain professional help to improve regulation during the growth process. How can we establish good interpersonal relationships? Here are some suggestions for reference:

1. Pay attention to personal image.

It is said that a person cannot be seen, but in today’s society, a person’s external image is still very important. There is a primary cause effect in psychology. If you want others to have a good impression of you, you must first pass your own image. You don’t have to be brand-name and jewellery, but at least you have to let others feel refreshed and decent when they see you, so that the two parties can continue the next exchange.

2. Accept yourself and enhance self-confidence.

Many people who are afraid of socializing are relatively introverted and sensitive to low self-esteem. Introverted or extroverted have their own advantages, and there is no good or bad. Therefore, we don’t need to feel inferior for our own character, but to accept ourselves, strengthen confidence and communicate with people truthfully, and don’t care too much about the opinions and evaluations of others.

3. Have real strength.

If you want to establish a good interpersonal relationship, then in the process of establishing interpersonal relationships, you must have real strength in yourself, that is, you must achieve a certain level of knowledge and accomplishment, so that you will be more confident and more comfortable with it. Interpersonal.

4. Constantly strive to improve yourself.

If you want to establish a good interpersonal relationship, then in the process of establishing interpersonal relationships, you must constantly strive to improve yourself. Never let yourself stop making progress and efforts. No matter how much luck a person has, there will always be a lot of flowers. At that time, only hard work is real.

As long as we are conscious and thinking, willing to change and improve, and constantly strive to grow to establish various interpersonal links, we can all make ourselves work more smoothly, live happierly, and have a more harmonious and beautiful life.