October 05, 2022

Look at your social horror, which is it?

The diagnostic criteria for human phobia must meet the following conditions:

1. Feel uncoordinated with one’s own attitude, behavior, or physical characteristics when dealing with people.

2. Show continuous emotional reactions such as shame, confusion, restlessness, terror, trembling, tension, etc. when interacting with others, and feel extremely painful.

Because of the reasons 1 and 2, I cannot maintain a good relationship with others (feeling that I cannot be accepted by others, being looked down upon by others, and being alienated from others, thus causing troubles).

3. Avoid social situations that feel painful, and at the same time develop resistance to your own behavior.

Meet the above diagnostic criteria, and then meet the following three items can be diagnosed as delusional phobia.

1. Related to specific parts of your body or physical sensations, and you are convinced that your body is defective (such as your own sight, smell, ugliness).

2. The delusion that caused harm or unpleasantness to others occurred because of the reasons of 1. And it is undoubtedly believed.

3. Because of the above symptoms, I am convinced that others are avoiding themselves