September 30, 2022

What does it mean to dream of a child?

What does it mean to dream of a child?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

Many beautiful and lovely children in the dream indicate that you will have a bright future and many people will bless you.

The mother dreamed that her child was sick from the cold, indicating that although her child was in good health, she was always worried.

The child in the dream is very sick or dead, which implies that there is a great worry bothering you.

Dreaming that a child concentrates on work or studying indicates that unfortunate things will happen in the near future, which makes you worry.

(1) Dreaming of an indignant child implies that someone will cause you trouble. Friends who are friendly at first are unwilling to cooperate anymore.

(2) In the dream, you play with your children, which means that your planned career and love will go well.

(3) When a boy is born in a dream, life will be happy and comfortable.

(4) In the dream that the wife gives birth to a boy, the boy can make money when he grows up. This dream is a good sign of getting rich.
(5) The boy’s death in the dream means that good luck may end and catastrophe is imminent.

(6) Taking care of the boy in the dream means that good luck is by your side. As long as you give love, there will be good things.

(7) When a woman dreams of a boy, he will get sick, but he will heal without medicine.

(8) A woman dreams that she is about to give birth to a boy, which means she will live a happy life.

(9) A cute and beautiful child in his dream will receive a year-end bonus and double salary.

(10) If there is a disabled child in the dream, trouble may happen, so be careful.

(11) Picking up a baby in a dream is a sign that fortune will go smoothly. Deposits will increase substantially in the future, but you must never lend to others, because there is a high possibility that you will not return.

(12) If you bully a child in a dream, there will be shadows in the interpersonal relationship, and the dreamer’s privacy will be discovered by the people around you.

(13) Playing games with children in the dream can make happy things happen.

(14) For the girl in the dream, there will be rumors that the person she likes has a lover, but the possibility of misinformation is very high, so please check carefully.

Case analysis of children in dreams

Dream description: There was a young man who went to a new school in his dream. After he came to school, he met his classmates and chatted about speculation. They chatted and talked. I don’t know where a little girl came and grabbed his leg. care. But the little girl always grabbed his leg. He started to get bored and pulled her away. Unexpectedly, she came and grabbed her again, and it was still the same after several rounds. So he started to run, and the little girl chased after him. Seeing that she ran to the football field, she was behind, and then grabbed the youth. He was about to get rid of her, not letting her hold on, but found that the little girl was inexplicably strong, and it took so hard to get away, and then continued to run, she chased again. In the dream, the youth has been chased, in a kind of fear.

Dream analysis: going back to school means recollecting the past life. Chatting with past classmates means communicating with past lives. Being pestered by a little girl may represent some of the dreamer’s own immature thoughts, which are more likely to be related to emotional problems. The dreamer can’t get rid of the little girl, which shows that the dreamer can’t get rid of his own childishness. It reflects the subconsciousness of the dreamer’s laissez-faire attitude towards this kind of personality and thoughts, and also shows the contradiction of his own psychology.