October 07, 2022

High EQ vs. Low EQ, which one do you belong to?

Scientists have discovered that people with impaired parts of the brain that control emotions (the limbic system) can reason and think clearly and logically, but the decisions they make are very low-level. Scientists therefore concluded that when the thinking part of the brain is separated from the emotions, the brain cannot work properly.

When humans make normal actions, they use two parts of the brain, namely the emotional part and the logical part. A person with high EQ uses all parts of the brain comprehensively, and in most cases uses its cerebral cortex.

High EQ

Respect the human rights and human dignity of all people.

Don’t impose your values ​​on others.

Have a clear understanding of oneself and can withstand pressure.

Confident but not complacent.

Good interpersonal relationship.

Be good at dealing with all aspects of problems encountered in life.

Higher emotional intelligence

Be a responsible “good” citizen.


He has an independent personality, but in some cases he is easily infected by other people’s anxiety.

More confident but not complacent.

Better interpersonal relationships.

Can deal with most problems.

Lower EQ

Easily influenced by others and am unclear about my goals.

They are better at forgiving than those with lower EQ and can control the brain.

Can cope with mild anxiety.

Build self-esteem on the basis of others’ identification.

Lack of firm self-awareness.

The interpersonal relationship is poor.

Low EQ

Poor self-awareness.

There is no definite goal, and no plan to put it into practice.

Heavy dependence on others.

Poor ability to deal with interpersonal relationships.

Poor ability to cope with anxiety.

Life is disorderly.

No sense of responsibility, love to complain.