October 07, 2022

What does it mean that two people are in bed in the dream?

What does it mean to have a bedmate in a dream?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

In your dream, you don’t like the person you are in bed with. It predicts that in real life you have an obligation to someone, making you feel that life is bound, so you feel unhappy.

In the dream, the bedmate is a stranger, which means you are not satisfied with the people around you.

In the dream, I feel that the bed-sharing is an animal, which symbolizes that bad luck has made your life or affairs worse.

Case analysis

Dream description: In my dream, I was sleeping in an unfamiliar dormitory (estimated to be a long dormitory, not a random hotel), and a strange girl (I don’t remember whether I saw her looks clearly) was sleeping on the opposite side of my bed, under a blanket, I seem to be embarrassed. I could feel her with my legs, and restrained other thoughts at the time. Later, I went to find someone like a teacher in my dream, and he showed me the notes. It seemed that I didn’t remember that I had come to look for it, but there have been many records saying that my desire is getting stronger and stronger. Later I asked to change the bedroom. I am currently dating a girl who was just introduced by a classmate. They are not in the same place, but at first they liked each other very well. Now it is mainly me who take the initiative to send text messages to contact her.

Dream analysis: Unfamiliarity represents a situation and environment that you don’t know and are not familiar with. The implication is that you have not yet understood and grasped things between men and women. Long-term expressed the hope that the relationship can be maintained in a long and stable manner. The dormitory means getting along, means sex, and marriage.

An unfamiliar girl means that you don’t know exactly who she is, and you still don’t know what she thinks.

Sleeping on the opposite side of your bed means that you and her have not been able to communicate well and have not been able to reach a common thought.

Covering the same quilt, everyone is embarrassed, you can feel her.

The quilt is a metaphor for sex, and it extends to the feelings and thoughts related to sex between the two, and the two communicate and influence each other.

Feeling embarrassed with each other means that the relationship between the two is not clear yet, and they are not yet able to accept emotional and sexual issues.

Feeling her presence means that you clearly understand that there is such a girl in your heart, but you are not clear about her inner world.

Restraining other thoughts means that you temporarily suppress sexual desires and demands.

To find a person who is similar to a teacher in a dream. A teacher means a person who is knowledgeable, capable, and wise. The teacher represents the superego in this dream. He showed himself the notes, as if I didn’t remember looking for it, but there were many records.

The record of the notebook means knowledge, which means the knowledge and questions about feelings and sex that have been thought about in one’s own mind. It records what one needs in the heart, reflects on itself, evaluates and recognizes itself, and owns in reality. When thinking and understanding are suppressed, my inner needs have not been met squarely by myself, and I have not seriously thought and treated them. It is like recording them in a notebook, so as to selectively forget what it records.

And to say that your desires are getting stronger and stronger. This is also your own evaluation of yourself. It shows that you understand your recent pursuit of the opposite sex and your desire for sex is increasing. My request to change the dormitory means that the way you choose your girlfriend is to first understand the other’s thoughts and circumstances before taking action, so you suppress your sexual demands.

Sexual maturity in the growth process is as important as spiritual maturity. This dream will guide you to put aside your sexual needs first, and focus on mutual understanding and communication, keeping a certain distance between each other, instead of just looking for nakedness. Sex.