October 07, 2022

5 taboos of interpersonal relationships in the workplace

Whether the interpersonal relationship in the workplace is complicated or not, I believe that everyone in it has a deep understanding. No matter how good a person is, if he can’t handle the interpersonal relationship well, he will not be highly appreciated in the workplace. So how to deal with interpersonal relationships in the workplace? Psychologists remind everyone that if you want to improve interpersonal relationships in the workplace, there are some psychology and behaviors that need to be taboo.

Here are five aspects that need to be taboo in the workplace interpersonal relationship:

1. There is no principle of its own

In getting along with colleagues, it is inevitable to compete with each other. At this time, it is very important to use the attitude of acceptance and rejection appropriately. A person who only rejects others will lead to rejection, and a person who only compromises with others will not only be wronged, but will also be regarded as a good old person, low ability, unbearable, and easy to be used by others. Therefore, we must pay attention to adhering to certain principles at work, and it is inevitable to get involved in incidents such as harming the interests of the company, forming gangs, and harming others. When encountering such a situation, pay attention to maintaining neutrality and avoid being used by others.

2. Snooping and privacy

In a civilized environment, everyone should respect the privacy of others. Snooping into the privacy of others has always been an act of low personal quality and lack of cultivation. Therefore, in communicating with colleagues, you should keep a proper distance and be careful not to invade others’ “territories” casually, so as not to be hated by colleagues and unwilling to associate with you.

3. Work with emotions

If you are often affected by some unpleasant events in your work and make yourself emotionally out of control, then you are a big taboo. If you see something or things you don’t like, it will only make your colleagues resent you. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. You should learn to tolerate or remain silent as much as possible about people or things you don’t like. Your own likes and dislikes do not necessarily conform to the views of others. If you often comment on others easily, you will also be disgusted by others.

4. Calculate others

Anyone will hate other people’s calculations, and calculating others is one of the most dangerous behaviors in the workplace. The consequences of this behavior can range from being rejected by colleagues to losing their jobs and even ruining their reputations. As a boss, he absolutely does not want his subordinates to sway each other. The boss hopes that every employee can give full play to their strengths and bring more benefits to themselves, and mutual exclusion will only increase internal friction and damage their own business. Colleagues also hate those who like to tell right and wrong, make insidious tricks, and get secretive arrows, because everyone wants a harmonious and relaxed working environment and works with people who share their own interests.

5. Often borrow money from colleagues

It is very important to handle the economic relationship between colleagues. As we usually gather and play together, there may be more economic exchanges. The best way is the AA system. Of course, there is nothing wrong with borrowing money from colleagues in special circumstances, but remember to return it as soon as possible. If you often borrow money from others, you will be considered an unplanned person, and others will have distrust of your behavior. Remember not to owe others a dollar easily, and take this as a principle. Of course, don’t stick to the rules. Don’t refuse to accept a treat from a colleague who is pleased. At the same time, remember to say more congratulations.