September 27, 2022

What do you see from people with high emotional intelligence?

In life, we often hear some people praise others, saying that this person is smart and has a high IQ. But it is not common to praise each other for high EQ. Since we were young, there have been a group of smart people around us. Smart children are not only loved by elders and teachers, but also “show the limelight.” The aura of high IQ made them all the way to flowers and applause, but after they grew up, they realized that high IQ was not enough, because when dealing with people, mixing in society, being smart is not enough, and you must have a certain EQ. Otherwise, you will really become a generation with high scores and low energy.

We always say that people with high IQ are not necessarily high in EQ, and those with high EQ are not necessarily high in IQ. Because EQ is a kind of emotional intelligence, it is the attitude of a person to deal with things, and it has no inevitable relationship with IQ. However, EQ and IQ can also complement each other. A successful person is not only good at brain, but also good at heart. What kind of person can be said to have high EQ. According to the reference standard of a social survey in the United States, you can see 8 points from people with high EQ:

■A self-knowledge

As the saying goes: “It is important for a person to know himself.” Self-knowledge means that oneself knows and knows most of oneself and knows well about oneself. Know what you are good at and what you are not good at. What you should do, what you should not do, and to what extent, these are the most basic abilities for a person with high emotional intelligence.

■ Like to make friends

For the Chinese, words like “sophisticated” or “smart” seem to replace the word emotional intelligence. For the Chinese to make friends, there is a word that can be summed up as “brothers in the four seas”. This is the collective subconsciousness of the Chinese people. Like to make friends is a criterion for evaluating whether the emotional quotient is high. High emotional intelligence, willing to deal with people, and good at transforming their personal connections into productivity. People who like to make friends have an open attitude, willing to accept and try.

■Able to control emotional fluctuations

The human brain is divided into a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere. The two hemispheres are not only different in size and weight, but also in charge of different functions. The left half of the brain manages wisdom, and the right half of the brain controls emotions. Studies on a biological basis have shown that the right brain is more important than the left brain. Therefore, people’s emotions are always more than rational, and it is difficult to be rational when emotions come. This is for everyone, but a person with high emotional intelligence is not able to control emotions with his own reason, but a person who can control his own emotional fluctuations. He knows when emotions occur and will do his best to go. Eliminate emotional fluctuations caused by emotions and do your own things with peace of mind.

■Able to get along well with most people

There are perfectionists or demanding people in life who always hold unreasonable beliefs. For them, both friends and colleagues must get along well. This is not a problem at first, but the problem is that it is not that you want to get along with everyone, and others will buy your bill. Many people increase their worries because they cannot please everyone around them. But the fact is that we can’t please everyone, but as long as we can get along well with most people. And a person with high emotional intelligence knows this too.

■Know when to refuse

We have a bad habit ever since we were born, which is to keep asking for it, as if we are born to like to accept it, and most of the time we are unlikely to refuse one thing. I dare not say that NO is a common problem for many people, especially those in the workplace. Knowing when to accept and when to reject is a keen judgment in itself. Rejecting others is also a skill and decisiveness. People who are good at rejection are certainly not bad in EQ!

■Willing to help others

Helping others, many people wonder if this is right? I can tell you clearly that it is really right. Helping others can get a sense of pleasure and increase their own happiness. Some hormones such as endorphins will be secreted in the body to make people feel a sense of happiness. People’s emotional state will get better! Therefore, people with high EQ will find that they generally hold the principle of helping others and are willing to help others. The so-called “giving a rose to the person, leave the fragrance in the hand”.

■Able to understand people’s facial expressions

When we say that a person is shrewd, in addition to the person who is more shrewd in doing things, we say that this person is good at getting information from other people’s faces, that is, good at reading the meaning of other people’s facial expressions. It is the so-called “watching words and watching colors”! If one If a person can capture useful information from the face of the other person, it is easy to make the next judgment. This kind of person who knows words and colors is very popular in society, because everyone likes him, and he knows what you think before you speak.

■Not afraid of failure

Many successful people claim that a person needs “3Q” if they want to succeed: IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), AQ (Frustration Quotient). The words sound very reasonable, and even bore us. But those good people really have high emotional intelligence and are not afraid of failure. I will not give an example here. If they fail, they will get up again. Perhaps, those with high EQ will not pay too much attention to the outcome of the event, and hold the principle of doing things well. If they do it, they will start again. Right.

A person with high EQ must be a person with a good self-awareness, open-minded and free and easy. It can be summed up with “seeing openly”, “thinking openly” and “doing openly”. They are all people who are not chaotic in their hearts and not trapped in love!