September 30, 2022

Scientists have discovered 9 characteristics of high IQ people. How many have you gotten?

The IQ test may be the simplest and rude way to judge whether a person is smart or not~ However, according to a foreign website Bright Side report, scientists have recently discovered that a series of your behaviors, habits, and even physical characteristics will reveal IQ… Then the following is summarized by the scientists Among the top ten characteristics of high IQ people, how many have you hit?


You prefer to spend time alone rather than with a noisy group of friends.

People with high IQ do not need to find a large group of friends to pass the time together, and prefer to be alone. Sometimes they even talk to themselves loudly, which is a sign of a person’s super high IQ and madness.


You learned how to read at an early age.

Scientists believe that reading can broaden children’s horizons and make them smarter. Of course, the types of reading should also be rich and diverse, not just limited to a certain type of books.


Your height is above average.

Studies have shown that taller children will perform better on the IQ test, and taller 3-year-olds will also perform smarter than their peers.


You used to attend a music school.

A study shows that children who have taken 9 months of music lessons (such as keyboard or vocal music) are smarter than other children and get higher scores on the IQ test.


You don’t suffer from obesity.

Body mass index (BMI) turned out to be closely related to cognitive function. Scientists have discovered that the IQ of overweight people is lower than ordinary people…


But you don’t really enjoy working out.

Scientists have found that people who like mental work are less active, while people who have less demand for cognitive functions prefer sports. People with high IQs prefer activities that require patience and a lot of brainpower, such as playing chess.


You are overly sensitive to sound.

For people with high IQs, the crunch of the floor, the sound of eating potato chips, and even the sound of heavy breathing can distract them. Scientists have discovered that geniuses who don’t take the usual path to solve problems are often unable to deal with the noise around them.


Your ring finger is longer than your index finger.

Scientists have observed that people with long ring fingers are better at solving math problems and earn higher income, but language problems may be a challenge for them.


You often feel anxiety and are inclined to panic.

You always feel anxious and panic.

Psychologists have found that smart people tend to be more pessimistic when their brains make up for some unpleasant situations. They can better deal with the potential difficulties in life, but they are living under constant pressure.

How do you think you are a smart person?