October 07, 2022

How an expert is good at smiling, leaving a good impression in 6 seconds


What should I do if I want to make a good impression when I meet someone for the first time?

Japanese MSN JAPAN wrote that people who love to laugh can give people a better impression. A survey was conducted in Japan: When meeting people for the first time, which type of person can make your impression better? Nearly 70% of the respondents think that “people who love to laugh make me have a better impression”.

There is a saying that “the first impression can be determined in 6 seconds”, but in fact, a smile will affect the judgment of these 6 seconds. According to scientific evidence, if a person sees the other person smiling at himself, the blood circulation will speed up, and at the same time the body temperature will rise, resulting in a happy mood, and then have a good impression of the other person. On the contrary, if you frown and cry with mourning the first time you see the other person, your gastric juice secretion will become worse, and you will be prone to aggressive emotions. Once the first impression is very bad, there is no way to reverse this bad impression without going through 7-8 meetings or two hours of conversation.

In addition, the voice of talking with a smile will also give a good impression. For example, it is also “Hello”, it will be better to say with a smile than without expression, and it will be louder when it is said with a smile, giving people a sunny and cheerful feeling. This is because both the muscles that control the vocalization and the muscles that control the expression are in motion, and the richer the expression, the easier the sound will come out. In other words, the sound is also an important factor that influences the impression of the other party.

So, how can you laugh so that the other person has a higher degree of affection for you? Here are a few tips:

Coup 1: At least eight upper teeth must be exposed

If you can’t see your teeth, it’s easy to make people think that you want to hide your heart, so if you want to laugh, it’s best to show your eight upper teeth. Even if you don’t show eight, you should smile as cheerful and natural as possible. Don’t laugh for the sake of laughter. Instead, laugh stiff and unnatural. You might as well practice yourself in front of the mirror.

Coup 2: Don’t show your lower teeth

If you laugh and even show your lower teeth, it will give the other party an indecent impression. But with the increase of age, the corners of the mouth will droop and the lower teeth will be easily exposed, so you might as well practice in the mirror.

Coup 3: Be gentle in your eyes

The eyes are the windows of the soul. If the human heart is not really happy, the human eyes cannot laugh. If you want to make a good impression on the other party, you must hold the happy mood of “I like this person very much” in your heart, and make your eyes really happy and gentle. Only when you match this kind of eyes with a smile can you give the other person a better impression.


People who love to laugh are not too bad luck, is there a scientific principle?

Smile is a pleasant expression and plays an important role in interpersonal communication. Smiling can shorten the psychological distance between people in an instant. There is nothing in life that can enhance your personal charm and touch people’s hearts more than a bright smile. Napoleon Hill summed up the power of smiles in this way: “A sincere smile is like a magic button, which can immediately connect the friendly feelings of others, because he is telling the other party: I like you and I am willing to be your friend. At the same time Say: I think you like me too.”

Robert Bunovin found that people smile 30 times more often in a group life than when they are alone. At the same time, he also found that compared with various jokes and funny stories, the purpose of establishing friendly relations with others seems to be more closely related to laughter. Among the various causes of laughter, only 15% are from jokes. Through experiments, Bunovin found that when experimental participants were in a lonely environment, more people would choose to talk to themselves instead of laughing. He recorded the scenes of experimental participants watching comedy movies in three different environments through video recording: alone, with strangers of the same sex, and friends of the same sex.

Although the movies watched by the participants in the experiment did not differ much in the degree of funnyness, the number of times the three groups of experimenters laughed was significantly different. The experimenter who watched the movie alone laughed less than the experimenter who watched the movie by two (whether they were accompanied by a friend or a stranger), and they laughed significantly less frequently and for a lot of time. In interpersonal communication, the frequency of laughter will be higher. So these evidences and results all prove a fact: the more people in the social environment, the more and longer people laugh.

From a psychological and physical point of view, laughter and crying are actually two related brothers. Think about the last time someone told you a joke, and you couldn’t stop laughing after listening to it. How do you feel after you laugh? That’s because, just when you laugh to your heart’s content, your brain secretes endorphins, which makes you have a “natural pleasure”. Those who are unable to laugh normally due to physical or psychological reasons encounter setbacks or difficulties, often resort to alcohol to paralyze themselves, so as to obtain the secretion of endorphins. This is the reason why those people who behaved well in the past have changed like a different person after drinking, obviously more than before.

Therefore, one of the reasons why we are attracted by smiling or laughing faces is that such expressions can affect the activities of our autonomic nervous system. When we see others smiling. You will also smile involuntarily. So in this process, our pituitary gland will release endorphins. Therefore, laughter will have a positive and true effect in the heart of the other person, so that we can work and study in a happy atmosphere.