September 30, 2022

Why do people who are not gregarious live happily?

“Some people just disappeared as they walked, and some people faded away when they looked at it, and along the way, they will understand that we are often helpless on the road of life.”

Everyone at school and at work will naturally join some people’s circle and let themselves become one of them, so that they can have someone to accompany them when they do things. But in life, we can often see some mavericks. They don’t play with others. They are often doing their own things by themselves. People are very repulsive to such people, but when they grow up, they will You will find that they have become leaders, better people. Wang Mei is such a person.

Her family conditions are not very good. She has part-time jobs during school. Finally, she has a day off every week. When her roommate invites her to go out to play, Wang Mei will refuse. Over time, her roommates have also become acquainted with her, and there are others. Behind the scenes that she is noble. She doesn’t care. She is still immersed in her own world every day. She will go to the library to read books and participate in some club activities. Her life is fully arranged by herself.

Wang Mei also has friends, but there are only two of them. Although they don’t contact each other often, the three of them will go out for dinner every once in a while. Once, Wang Mei suddenly became unwell, and her two friends stayed with her in the hospital. She has been taking care of her carefully for a few days, and this kind of friendship is also the envy of many people. After she graduated, she found a good job. Later, at a classmates party, the best mixed up in the class was Wang Mei. She had a good job, had a boyfriend who loved her, and bought a car and house by herself. Other people’s situation is not so good. People think that there are many more ways for friends, but Wang Mei is not in a group. Why is the road wider and wider and life better and better?

1. Don’t follow the trend

I have heard a sentence before, which is like this: “People who are in a group are mostly mediocre.” It is because they never know what they want, even if they know what they like in their hearts, they will not do it, and they are afraid of receiving strange things from others. Foresight, in order not to become a special person, I choose to follow the trend. It is precisely because they have chosen the same path as most people, and this path is not what he loves, naturally they will not try their best in the chasing process, and they should not become the best in that field. So they began to complain that life will get worse and worse.

Most people who are not gregarious have chosen a different path from others. They know what they need, so they naturally don’t care about other people’s ideas. They don’t need too many people to come in in their lives, they only need like-minded people. You must know that your life is in your hands, live according to the lifestyle you want, don’t care what others say, don’t let yourself live in the mouth of others, insist that you are the king. You have to know that everyone’s success is not achieved overnight. You only saw the results of his success, but did not see the process of his hard work. Many people are bright and beautiful, and they have paid a lot behind them. If you want to live well, you have to bear it. More pressure than others.

2. The heart is very strong

People who are not gregarious are often strong in their hearts, because gregarious people tend to make people lose their ego, and those who are not gregarious can stick to their bottom line. They will not compromise their principles for others. They often have super stress resistance. , Is a person who can stand to the end. Some people feel that such people are very annoying, but in fact, it is precisely because they can overcome many difficulties on the road of pursuit that they can become better and better. This naturally opens the gap with others and has a sense of distance. , Let you become a beautiful scenery among many people.

Such people are often lonely, but because they have a strong heart and are not afraid of loneliness, they are also able to accept loneliness, and they can have a lot of time to improve themselves and make themselves better. They understand that “the way is different from each other”. People should know that everyone has their own social circle. If some circles don’t get into it, don’t squeeze it. This will not only make you look out of place, but also put yourself in one place. Unhappy in uncomfortable circles. Although they seem to be lonely on the surface, they are very rich in their hearts. They will use their incompatibility to enrich their inner beauty.

Someone said: “The highest state of life is not being gregarious.”

There is some truth to this sentence. People who are not gregarious are not withdrawn, but have high demands on life, pursue perfection, and are unwilling to leave. Life is short, but within a hundred years, you have to live out the most wonderful self. As you grow up, you will find that people who are too gregarious are often easy to lose themselves, and those who are not gregarious can pursue what they want. Life. People must understand that although there are relatives and friends on the road of life, most of the time it is you alone to spend the long nights, so you have to get used to being alone.