October 07, 2022

Rejection of sensitivity is a psychological barrier in interpersonal relationships

In the interactive relationship between people and organizations, maintaining good interaction and forming complementary benefits are very important psychological resources for personal development. However, because some people have encountered shocks in their relationships or are affected by their family environment, after they set foot in society, they dare not take the initiative to ask for a rare opportunity, and they want to help others but are afraid that the other person will not appreciate it, etc., and divide between people. There is a chasm. This kind of psychological barrier is called rejection sensitivity.

For example, there is a woman who has strong professional abilities and has the ability to work alone, but she is introverted and not good at expressing herself. One day, the unit established a new department, and colleagues thought that she was the person in charge of this department, and she herself felt fully capable of doing the job. So her friends suggested that she take the initiative to talk to the leader and become the person in charge of this department, otherwise she would be snatched away by speculators. One day, she plucked up the courage to come to the leader’s office, but when she reached the door, her heart panicked, her hands were sweating, her legs were soft, and she finally retreated. At that time, she thought, what if the leader has an arrangement, what if the leader has already planned? If it is rejected, how will she behave in the future? So she missed the opportunity for promotion.

There is also a woman who has been talking about it for four years. Because she feels that she is short, she dare not go to see her in-laws for fear that her in-laws will not agree. The boyfriend did not dare to explain again and again, and finally broke up unhappily and missed the marriage.

There are many people who are rejected and sensitive in real social life, and the most obvious one is the kind of people who do not ask for anything and go alone. He knew that as long as he opened his mouth, the other party would be able to do everything without any effort, but he was ashamed to speak. Others pay great attention to the words and deeds of others in public places, and all the turmoil is connected with themselves, and they are highly sensitive to the embarrassment of being rejected. Others are willing to help others or contribute to others, but at the same time worry that the other party will not appreciate it and dare not reach out for a long time.

Helping or being helped is a very normal thing in real life. You should stretch your hand when you need to stretch your hand, and open your mouth when you need to open your mouth. But some people fail to do this and often miss the opportunity and regret it.

Rejection of sensitivity is an interpersonal barrier, which is not conducive to personal development, and it is not conducive to the maintenance of relationships.