October 07, 2022

Many unwritten rules in life, said to be rules, are actually education!

Many unwritten rules in life

It’s rules, but it’s education

Embodied in many small details


The appointment should say one day in advance

(Allow someone to arrange in advance, it won’t feel like making up the number)


Don’t ask others the questions you can find online

(Special attention for novices in the workplace)


Don’t just do it yourself when editing pictures

I also helped my friends fix it


Please don’t post to Moments before replying to WeChat

(Exclude reasonable cases)


Threesome, one tying shoelaces

The other two remember to wait for him


Don’t be on the row of seats

Shake legs! Shake legs! Shake legs!


It’s not a song I ordered in KTV

Don’t rush to sing or sing along even if you can

(Very annoying)


Others understand the word “quiet” when sleeping


Please keep quiet while watching the movie

(Don’t explain the movie, don’t talk from beginning to end)


A few days in advance for the girls

(Make an appointment half an hour in advance, do you think it’s a courier)


Don’t lean on the handrail alone on the subway

Have mercy on the hands that others have nowhere to put


Watching videos, listening to music, playing games, etc. in the dormitory or public places

Please put on headphones! Put on headphones! Put on headphones!


Don’t think that if you don’t mind fat people, you can keep saying fat


Replace “thank you” with “thank you”

(Although there is only one more word, but sincerely a lot)


Show you the photos, please don’t “consciously” slide left and right


When someone else is using a computer (WeChat)

Don’t look at someone’s computer screen by the side


Please do not smoke in public

(People who silently endure the abuse of second-hand smoke don’t say it doesn’t mean they don’t scold in their hearts)


Cover your mouth and nose in time when you cough or sneeze


Try not to make any noise when eating and drinking

Don’t make all kinds of strange sounds with your mouth


Repay the money in time

You have to say hello in time

Let the other person know that you haven’t forgotten

twenty one

Don’t talk to someone in the circle

Tucao other people in this circle

twenty two

You can skip the dishes you don’t like at the dinner party

But don’t try to show dislike for it

How do you let someone who loves swallow it?

twenty three

Don’t introduce your boyfriend to your girlfriend

My girlfriend doesn’t like him, you break up

My girlfriend likes him, you will still break up

twenty four

Others can laugh at themselves but you must not agree


No matter which dish I prefer on the dinner table

Don’t just eat that dish all the time


Don’t let your loved ones get off stage in public


Others walk away when they enter the password

Or turn your face to the other side


Don’t turn the table when someone picks up food


Don’t feel that others should help you for granted


Don’t shake your head back and forth when you are in line

Don’t push hard when wearing a coat

Beware of the person who throws the zipper behind


Red envelopes in the group

Don’t just grab it and don’t send it, don’t say a word


When two people or small groups meet

Please don’t play with your mobile phone


If someone sends you a message, you must reply

You can tell him even if you don’t want to talk

Even if it is euphemistically expressed with emoticons or punctuation


Seconds is the most heartwarming skill, there is no one


Don’t just look at other people’s phones without consent


When someone tells you something he likes

Even if you don’t like it, I hope you don’t refute

(It is very rude to break the joy of others)