October 07, 2022

Friends are used to “trouble”

Two years ago, due to operational mistakes, the company that had been operating for more than three years went bankrupt. Overnight, I not only became a penniless pauper, but also owed a lot of debts and was chased everywhere. I can’t go back home. I want to go, but I can hide from a friend in the provincial capital.

When we were young, we had nothing to do with each other! When I was young, when I went to the beach to play, my friend accidentally fell into the water. I called someone to rescue him. This kind of friendship should be considered deep!

But when I got off the train, I hesitated again. I haven’t seen him for many years. Is he still the same him? I remember when he got married, I went to the wedding and saw that he married a charming woman. Would she despise me? At this point, I turned out the only money in my pocket and counted it, and found the cheapest small hotel at the train station. I thought, let’s count as a few days if you live for a few days!

Just when I was frustrated, I didn’t expect a friend to be found. He scolded me angrily: “You are really not enough buddy, you don’t come to the provincial capital to find me, if your mother called me secretly, I don’t know yet, so I look for you everywhere!” I only lowered my head and whispered. Muttering: “Aren’t you afraid of causing you trouble!”

My friend punched me in the chest, “You are still the stubborn temper. Friends are used to trouble. If you don’t trouble me, I will be angry!”

At that moment, a thousand words choked in my throat, and I couldn’t say a word. With such a friend, what else can I say? I obediently packed my luggage and followed my friend to his house. My friend’s wife cleaned up a bright and spacious room for me, prepared delicious meals, and told me not to be polite, as if it were my own home.

Later, I adjusted my mentality, took a loan from the bank, seized the opportunity, and finally made a comeback. Not only did I pay off the loan, but I also had a stable life. Today, whenever I think of the phrase “friends are for trouble”, my heart feels warm as spring. I always use this phrase to spur myself and try my best to help those friends who need help.