October 02, 2022

Stay away from the spiritual “poor”

The reason is very simple, that is, things are gathered by kind and people are divided by groups. With what kind of person, you will have what kind of life.

With diligence, you naturally lose a bit of laziness; with people who are decadent, you can’t help but follow depression.

In other words, among the many friends, some people can have a deep friendship, and some people need to stay away. If you encounter the following three kinds of people, the wisest way is to stay away from them.


Stay away from the “poor” with incomplete personality

In the evening, my friend talked about something on the phone.

My friend has a few interns in his hands. After the lunch break, my friend saw an intern leisurely playing with his mobile phone, and asked if he had time to complete the translation of another document.

It turned out to my friend’s surprise that the other party directly replied: “There is time, but I’m just an intern.”

Generally speaking, people who speak this way think that because I am just an intern, it is good for me to do my job well. The work of others has nothing to do with me. I can do as many things as I earn.

They even think that with a monthly salary of 3,000 and doing work of 5,000, what is it that is not stupid?

So after hearing this, my friend stopped saying anything.

I remember that Teacher Luo Zhenyu talked about a real incident that was also an intern in the program.

Last summer, a third-year student from Wuhan University went to Luo Ji Siwei for an internship and was assigned to a customer service position. The job content was to answer calls from users to remind users every day.

A high-achieving student who graduated from a prestigious university went for an internship in a company and only did trivial tasks that seemed trivial. Many people think that this is an underachiever.

What’s worse, the user’s anxious mood and blunt tone will inevitably accumulate a lot of negative energy for those engaged in this job.

At the end of the internship, this student is going to return to school to continue his studies. On the day before he left, without any request and supervision, he took the initiative to submit a summary document.

He said: “Through these two months of constant phone calls, I have sorted out all the customer service problems that our company may encounter, such as how to answer these questions, and how to communicate with many words. I refer to other companies. The customer service of the company has been sorted out. This is about a 30-page document. I hope it will be helpful to the company’s customer service work in the future.”

After seeing this document, Luo Zhenyu was completely stunned and determined in his heart: This classmate is definitely an individual talent.

Luo Zhenyu believes that it does not matter whether a person’s education, major, or even the content of the document is perfect. More important than all surface factors is what kind of personality he possesses.

Because whether a person is careful enough, self-disciplined, trustworthy, and willing to take the initiative to solve problems, these positive personality traits are the key factors in a person’s life.

In contrast, the performance of interns from friends’ units, to paraphrase Luo Zhenyu’s words, is an incomplete personality.

A person with incomplete personality, he does things only from the perspective of self-interest, not only can not make people feel relieved, but also restricts his own development pattern.

Associating with such people, you will gradually lose yourself and become mediocre.


Stay away from the small “poor”

The writer Li Shanglong once shared a personal experience of renting a car.

Two years ago, he rented a Beijing master’s car from the intermediary.

After the intermediary completed the formalities, the uncle crossed the intermediary to call him and repeatedly told him to pay attention to the use of the car, and said that if he broke it, he needed to lose money.

At first, he wondered if the uncle was in a difficult family situation, so he chatted a few words with the uncle, and found out that the uncle was not poor at all, but rather stingy.

While chatting, he also discovered that the uncle has a son in the Chinese department who is looking for an internship. He thought that maybe he could introduce the uncle’s son to the publishing house and make friends by the way.

A week later, he came to the agency to return the car.

As a result, the uncle said that a deposit of 200 yuan would be deducted.


“Because you drove the car old.”

“Why does this car run out after a week, and there are no accidents or scratches?”

“You see, this car was not so dirty before. Why is it so dirty now.”

“You can drive to do a wash, and it costs tens of yuan to wash a car.”

“Then I don’t need gas money for driving, and I don’t need money for my time!”

Later, the staff of the intermediary couldn’t stand it anymore, so they came forward to solve the matter. Afterwards, they blocked the Beijing uncle.

Li Shanglong originally wanted to introduce an internship opportunity to the uncle’s son, and now he has also deleted the uncle’s phone number, hoping that there will be no overlap.

There are a lot of people like Beijing Daye. He thinks he is taking advantage of others, but in fact, he is eating a bigger loss.

Because of 200 yuan, the uncle Beijing lost not only the reputation of intermediary cooperation, but even his son’s internship opportunity.

In the final analysis, their problem is not that people are poor, but what they are poor is thinking and vision.

Such a person, by your side, will be contagious and will make your world smaller and smaller.


Stay away from the “poor” who cannot control their emotions

I remember an incident happened in college.

The club where I was at that time was going to hold an event. After receiving the activity task, the senior sister organized a meeting in the group, and everyone discussed the details of the activity and the division of labor arrangements for each member.

Xiaofen in the regiment was in charge of some logistical work, such as setting up the scene and playing the promotional video of the event.

As a result, Xiaofen suddenly disappeared on the day of the event, the phone was not answered, and no one was found in the dormitory.

Because of the temporary manpower shortage, everyone was doing their own thing that day while still busy with the work that Xiaofen had left behind.

Afterwards, we learned that Xiaofen turned off her mobile phone because of a quarrel with her boyfriend, and hid herself from nothing.

When you encounter such a super emotional teammate who is emotionally worn out all day, you can imagine that you will encounter trouble.

What’s more frightening is that emotions can be contagious.

Psychologically, there is a famous “kick cat effect”:

After the husband who was scolded by the boss returned home, he used the question to scold his wife because of his bad mood, and the wife was inexplicably scolded by her husband. Her heart was unhappy. It happened that the child was arguing next to him, so he gave him a slap, and the son was for no reason. After being slapped, he walked away angrily, just when the little black dog at home came to him, he kicked the little black dog…

This is a typical emotional chain reaction.

Therefore, stay away from those who cannot control emotions, because the masters of life never let emotions control themselves.



People are social animals, and interpersonal communication is a topic that everyone cannot avoid.

But you have the right to choose, all you need to do is observe the surrounding environment and then look for them.