October 07, 2022

Between friends: keep in touch if you have anything to do, and do everything in your own way


I called Mr. Jiao and told me that a friend has booked a house with you. Can you give me a discount?

Mr. Jiao said, nonsense, you still need to ask, come here quickly.

I took my friend S to the sales department.

Mr. Jiao asked, how much is the discount? I said, the biggest margin, this is my iron buddy, outsiders’ business, let’s not care. With a swipe of a big pen, Mr. Jiao directly dropped from 5260 to 4999 per level.

S looked at the label and couldn’t believe his eyes. The total price of a 120-square-meter house has dropped by more than 30,000. S expects that a discount of 10,000 will be very good.

After finishing the formalities, it is almost noon, S said, please have a meal with Mr. Jiao. I said, no, no need. S said that people have given us so many discounts, so thank you.

I said, really not necessary, you don’t understand, now who is still going to eat, you go, if you have something to contact.

Sending my friend away, I returned to the head office of Jiao, and he asked, how do you eat at noon?

I said, let’s eat rolled noodles, and found that the rolled noodles in a small shop tasted good.

He just one word, go!

Chenggao Road, Erpang Noodle Shop.

It was full before noon. Mr. Jiao and I were sitting under the poplar tree outside the store. The wind came, the poplar leaves rustled, and the red sesame oil stirred the dough so that it was full of appetite. There was not even a side dish in the store, but Fortunately, we ordered two bottles of colorful cow yogurt.

Mr. Jiao, my good friend, is worth tens of millions. Our lunch with him is so simple.


A year ago, Mr. Jiao and I jointly participated in a grant to several needy families in the mountainous area. We vibrated at the same frequency. We knew each other well at first sight, so we became confidants and friends.

In fact, true friends don’t need to go to the hotel to have a big meal, but find a small shop to eat a bowl of cold skin or a bowl of mutton soup. Between each other, there is less restraint and etiquette, and more natural and casual.

Parting after the meal, I even forgot to say thank you, and then I thought about it, maybe this thank you will alienate our relationship.

Mr. Jiao often said that if you have something to contact, you will be busy with everything. Therefore, he is always immersed in his busyness, and we don’t bother much.

S and I used to be workmates. Back then, he lent me 2,000 yuan to help my hometown a big favor. I always remember this gratitude.

Ten years ago, I chose to leave, and he still stayed on the construction site. Now, he is still a worker on the construction site, and I have become the editor-in-chief of a self-media, often traveling in different cities and fields.

I always visit S during New Years and holidays. He always says, Brother Zhou, you always come to see me, and I haven’t visited you. I’m really embarrassed.

I always say that this is what it should be. If you have something to do, please call.

Last year, he told me that he wanted to buy a house in the city, so I told me which one I fancy and told me, I’ll find someone cheaper for you. In April of this year, S finally made up his mind to buy the house of Mr. Jiao.

One month later, S was going to renovate the house. He called me to see if he could tell Mr. Jiao about the reduction of some garbage removal freight and the security deposit for house decoration.

I called Mr. Jiao, and Mr. Jiao naturally agreed. S is still the same sentence, your friend really does business, and he didn’t even see each other, and the matter was handled directly. I will pay for it. Would you please invite Mr. Jiao to eat?

I said, it’s okay, you can’t make money easily, just renovate your house.

S Han smiled, he said, thank you brother Zhou, you helped me a lot when buying a house this time.


In July, Mr. Jiao called me. He said that my sister-in-law should go to high school. Can you help me find a better school?

Over the years, because of my work, I have had a lot of contact with the school, so I agreed to it all at once, and it didn’t take long before I arranged the middle school for my child to attend in the future.

Mr. Jiao said, “How can I thank you? I didn’t even see you, so you got things done.”

I said, why be polite, don’t you often say that if you are in touch, you are busy with everything. This kind of state is the best.

Mr. Jiao said, yes, yes, then no thanks.

Feilong Road, Heyuan Tea House.

Mr. Jiao invited me to drink tea. This simple decoration and simple style teahouse reveals the owner’s pursuit of aesthetics. Every detail is very elegantly designed. The tea sets are arranged in an orderly manner and the lines are beautiful.

I said, Mr. Jiao, any instructions?

He said, it’s okay, it’s just a long time since I’ve seen him. I always contact you on the phone. I will make an appointment with you and have a cup of tea.

I picked up the warm Pu’er tea, took a sip, and said, of course, it is also my honor to see Mr. Jiao.

Both of us laughed. After that, we did small exchanges. After that, I opened my mobile and browsed the news. He called his phone and was busy with his business.

The waiter kept making tea for both of us, and we kept drinking each other, but we seldom talked, did not affect each other and coexisted with each other.

Maybe this is the best state between friends. If you are in touch, you are busy with everything, you have to be free, you can see, talk, and chat.

Perhaps, there is no need to talk too much between each other, because true good friends do not always have endless topics, but they don’t talk together and don’t feel embarrassed.


The day before yesterday, S called me to move. I went to congratulate him. The decoration of the new home is very simple. Standing upstairs, you can see the depth of the city. Within the scope of your eyesight, traffic, roads, green trees, and houses form a perfect picture of life. .

Mr. Jiao called me and asked me where I was.

I said, S moved today and is on your site.

Mr. Jiao went, and he accompanied him with a gift. He said to S, you helped Brother Zhou back then. I know that Brother Zhou’s friend is also my friend. If you have something to say, you are welcome to stay.

Listening to Mr. Jiao, my nose is sour.

“Never think of, never forget,” Chen Peisi commented on his friendship with Zhu Shimao.

Do you have friends like this, you are usually busy with each other, and if you have something, a phone call can help you solve your urgent needs?

In fact, between friends, the simpler the better, and the same is true for dealing with people.

Zhihu’s answer to the question of “what is a good friend” most likes is:

“Although it’s been a long time to see each other, but every time we meet, we don’t feel that time has lost our common language, nor do we need to expend energy to explain the causes and consequences of the things that happened when each other’s absence. It’s like just drinking tea and chatting together yesterday. Over”.

I think this is the case between me and Mr. Jiao.

Good friends are telepathic, and your magnetic field will connect those who have a common frequency with you.

Turning strangers into familiar people, and then turning familiar people into a group of like-minded and entrepreneurial people, there is no need to deliberately pursue everything, and success will naturally come naturally.