October 02, 2022

Faced with five types of “problem” friends, you must know how to refuse!

Friendship is a special emotion that people produce in social activities. Friendship is a touch of nature. Only a craftsman with a unique eye can express it to perfection; friendship is a beating note on the music score, and it is a singer with delicate emotions. Express it to the true and pure.

But, have you ever had such an experience? Originally, I went to a friend’s appointment with a hearty mind and eagerness, but in the end I ended up failing. Some people will blame themselves for this, but this is not the case. The problem may also lie with friends. According to American researchers, the words and deeds of some friends can make you feel exhausted and discouraged. The researchers therefore remind people that it is best not to get too close to these five types of people.

1. Secret destruction type

“How do you dress like a village woman?” “Look at you, always messing up things.” When you want to ask other people’s opinions, the answers that pop out of your friends will make you feel like a failure, not only that, They also like to criticize you in front of others. This kind of friend always looks more sophisticated than you, looks like your adviser, but actually wants to demean you in front of everyone.

They are very jealous, so they often ridicule and sarcasm in order to achieve a psychological balance.

2. Talking

When a large group of friends gather, there are always a few people, and once the chatter box is opened, it is like a torrent of rivers, so that other people have no place to interrupt.

This kind of “talking” friends are generally more anxious, and psychologically called “restlessness”. Restlessness often makes him habitually encroach on other people’s time and rob others of their feelings. But there are also some people who want to be the focus of everyone’s attention and deliberately steal the limelight from their friends.

3. Selfish

You have been tired for a day and have already got into the bed. When a “friend” called, he insisted that you play with him all night; if you hesitate a little bit, you will be asked if you are a friend over there.

This kind of friend is very selfish, psychologically always feel that others get more, and they get less, and feel unbalanced, so they can satisfy their own unbalanced psychology by arbitrarily manipulated others.

4. Used to breach of contract

When you get up happily early and come to the pre-arranged place, you just wait and see no one. At the end, the other party said “I’m sorry, I have something”, which makes you feel bad.

Such friends are mentally unstable and changeable. When they think things are interesting at first, they will go to appointments. They feel bored and unmotivated within a few days, so they often “release pigeons”.

5. Too sentimental

Sentimentality is not a shortcoming, but in the face of friends who are too sentimental, you often feel that you have become a “trash can” for the other party to pour bitterness. The content of the chat is all complaints and complaints, and there is no sunny topic.

Such friends are usually very inferior and do not have the courage to find solutions to problems. If things go on like this, their bad emotions will affect your mood and perspective on the world.

If your “problem” friend affects your emotions and life, you must learn to refuse. However, you must also pay attention to art when you refuse. In particular, you must not use strong language to accuse them, and try to be euphemistic.