October 07, 2022

People with low EQ will do these four things!

If IQ determines your success, then emotional intelligence determines how long you can succeed.

People with high EQ are always able to get along well with others. Such people are often favored by everyone, thus ushering in the pinnacle of their careers.

On the contrary, low EQ will suffer in this respect. The things they do are not what everyone likes to see, but they are used to doing things like this.

Some things that you do not only affect others, but also cause harm to yourself, but people with low EQ can’t notice it.


Just take care of your own feelings

Have you met such a person? You send him a message, and he always responds after a long time. Asking him why he just understates the past, and seems to be indifferent to other people’s affairs, and it is too late to reply. There will be no guilt.

And if you change to him, you have no reason not to reply at all, because every time he actively contacts you, no matter how big the matter is, he always sends you a string of voices, which often takes one minute for one paragraph.

We all know that voice messages cannot be paused, so if you are not careful, you have to re-listen to the message he sent. It’s okay once, but if the number of times is too large, anyone will lose patience, but the other party only uses it for his own convenience and does not consider listening. Human feelings. Sometimes, you really want to block his news.

Such people do not understand empathy and often like to talk to themselves. They often talk about “I”, “I think” and “I don’t like” and have a strong desire for self-expression.

If others agree with their point of view, they will go on talking until they have finished saying what they want to say, no matter what others think. But if others disagree with their own opinions, then they will become uneasy and eager to refute.

They are the center of their own world. Generally, they cannot listen to other people’s suggestions and only care about their own feelings.


Give pointers to other people’s lives

My cousin, her boyfriend, didn’t say anything to the family during the holidays;

Girls who put on makeup, can’t look at them even after removing their makeup;

I really don’t understand why you girls are clamoring to buy lipstick bags all day long.

Not only do they complain about these things, but they like to make comments on things they can’t understand, and they have nothing to do with them, but they always impose their opinions on others.

The neighbors and the couple had a quarrel, and originally did not do his business, but he was afraid that the world would not be chaotic, said some inappropriate things, and was not afraid of being uncomfortable by others.

If you quit your job after pursuing what you like, he will say why you don’t cherish a good job;

If you have principles in doing things, don’t be a bad person, he will say that you don’t know how to work;

If you feel tired and don’t want to continue to love another person, he will think whether there is a third party intervening;

Even if you edit and post a circle of friends with poetry, he will comment underneath. How can you not see that you are so literary before…

It seems that in his world, only referring to other people’s things is it less boring. Maybe in the process of giving pointers to other people’s lives, they can find a little sense of existence.


Negative energy bursts

It doesn’t matter if the negative energy is overwhelming, or the glass heart, such people can struggle for a long time for a little thing. The thing they are best at is that they can’t get through with themselves.

Of course, if you just can’t get through with yourself, that’s okay, but they just don’t. In the end, it is their friends who are unlucky.

Xiaomin is one such example.

Everyone who has contact with her knows that Xiaomin can be called a concentration camp of negative energy. As long as she encounters something that doesn’t go well, she can cry for a long time with her friends, saying that she is unwilling to accept, such as boyfriend cheating, boss picking her faults, who winks at her, etc., which makes her glass heart fragile. .

No way, a friend can’t ignore it, so she can only let her cry and then comfort her. But this is only a manifestation of Xiaomin’s negative energy, and what is even more powerless is her own “frustration”.

The company made the decision to take a day off. Just as everyone was cheering, she said nonchalantly: “Wage deduction will be deducted?” The atmosphere was once embarrassed;

The colleague was chased and received the bouquet on Valentine’s Day. Before she knew the situation, she said, “Maybe more than one person is given to you.” The colleague’s face collapsed in an instant;

Even the good things that happened to her, she was used to laughing at herself, as if she was not born with good luck.

In fact, there are many people like Xiaomin. They are always the most pessimistic in the crowd. The full negative energy can also be transmitted to other people, making people around them unhappy.


Not good at reflection, proud

There will also be some people who always go their own way, thinking that what they say and do does not require the approval of others. What they think is right, no matter how others persuade them, they cannot be shaken.

We say that such people are not good at reflection, they tend to go their own way and insist on their own opinions.

You tell him that some of his actions will affect others, and he will pretend to be nonchalant;

If you give him advice, he will feel that you are talking about his shortcomings in disguise;

Even if you kindly remind him that he should change his way of expression, he will think you are long-winded and will not make corrections.

They are like proud blue peacocks, far away from others, unable to listen to other people’s ideas and opinions.

Although such people are generally very confident and have achieved certain results in certain fields, they believe in themselves and feel that they do not need help from others.

However, the sense of distance brought by such a personality makes it difficult for them to complete a team work. The spirit of cooperation is what they lack. In addition, there is trust in others and reflection on themselves.

If you feel that one person can be the whole world, and you don’t want to ask for help from others, then one day, you will be ruthlessly abandoned because of the cruel side of this world.

People with low EQ will inevitably be misunderstood by others in life, and it will be difficult to integrate into the group after a long time.

If you are also a person with not so high EQ, I hope you can get some inspiration from it, get rid of your own faults, and strive to be a popular person.

If there are such people around you, I hope you can be tolerant. After all, it takes time to experience.

Low EQ is not terrible, but terrible is the lack of determination to get better. “The degree of your comfort determines the height you can reach.” I only hope that you can get rid of all the shackles and finally reach the desired height.