October 02, 2022

Whether a person is reliable or not depends on these 8 details

If you were asked to use one word to evaluate a person highly, which word would you use?

In the past, the words we used the most to praise a person were nothing more than “strong ability”, “smart”, “diligence”, “self-discipline”, “hard work”…

But gradually, boasting that a person is “reliable” has become the most senior evaluation.

Warren Buffett said: “Reliability is a more important quality than intelligence.” Associating with unreliable people is a great waste of time and life.

8 details tell you who is the most reliable person around.


I will reply when I receive it

We often encounter such a person in life:

You notify the work, and he delays in replying, causing you to not know whether the task is delivered successfully; if you ask the other party for a question, he seems to have not seen your information, but next time he asks you, just pretend that nothing happened I’m too ordinary, I’m here to ask you for help again.

They are the easiest to be included in the ranks of unreliable.

Please reply when you receive it. It seems to be a small matter, but it also reflects the details of whether a person is reliable. A person who will reply to other people’s information seriously must be a responsible, polite and reliable person.


Not a small advantage

The writer Cai Chong once said:

If you took it earlier, you will have to pay twice later. In Buddhism, it is called causal cycle, statistics is called mean regression, the stock market is called profit and loss from the same source, and the quack term is called sooner or later.

People who love to take advantage of the small bargain, they like to take the sheep hand in hand, they must compare the baht, and they can’t eat the immediate loss. For a while, it seems that some small benefits and benefits have indeed been obtained, but in the end it may lose the integrity and dignity of being a person. After a long time, no one is willing to associate with him.

People who are truly reliable will never make money for some petty gains, and they will never make calculations everywhere.

They like to help others generously, without asking in return. They deeply understand that what they want is only counted by their own efforts.



Punctuality represents the emphasis on appointments and the cherishment of time.

Reliable people will first be punctual. They will arrange their lives and work in an orderly manner according to the timetable, and will not waste their time and others’ time in vain.

A person who is always late will wear down the trust of others in him a little bit. Because he not only consumes other people’s time costs and delays the progress of things, but also makes others aware of his freewheeling, non-principle, lack of contract awareness, and then put him in the “unreliable” list.


no sooner said than done

When asked about the details of whether a person is reliable or not, the one that everyone mentions most must be to do what you say.

You must do what you promise your child, otherwise not only will he lose his trust in you, but it will also be extremely detrimental to the cultivation of his sense of responsibility.

The promises made to others must also be fulfilled. When you agree to someone’s request, it means that you have an extra responsibility, an ardent expectation from the other person.

Those who promise their own things must also do it. Many things that have been planned for a long time are always delayed by myself with various excuses. This is actually a kind of irresponsible behavior to myself. In the end, I may fall into a more and more confused circle.

The promise is not light, so I live up to it.

Whether it is to yourself or to others, before you make a promise, you must consider clearly whether you can give a promise. If not, explain the reasons frankly, and then gracefully refuse; if you agree, no matter how difficult the process is, even if it will harm your own interests, you must honor it.


Don’t brag

Confucius said: A gentleman is eager to speak but quick to act.

It means that people who are reliable, speak cautiously and act quickly. In other words, don’t brag and do your own thing.

Reliable people, low-key and sincere. They rely on their talents and hard work, conscientious and down-to-earth to achieve career success, gain prestige and trust from others, and never boast about how powerful they are.

And people who like to brag, when they first come into contact, it may be easy to make people think that he is omnipotent and has a good impression of him, but after several contacts, especially when he encounters real problems, his behavior or doing things The effect is seriously deviated from the Haikou he had previously praised.

Being a steadfast person, doing things steadily, and having the ability to say so much, such a person can stand the test of time.


emotionally stable

Emotional stability is not only a high-level emotional intelligence, but also a reliable ability.

In the opinion of psychologists, people are prone to “narrow consciousness” when they are angry, and they will stare at the negative information and enlarge it infinitely.

A person who is emotionally unstable, when in a bad mood, will habitually hang his face and even anger the people around him, making them afraid to communicate normally.

There are also people who are full of unhappy things when they are emotionally unstable, and it is difficult to concentrate at work, which not only delays themselves, but also affects the process of the entire team.

Everyone will have a bad mood, but reliable people will not let themselves be indulged in emotions of sadness or anger, but will find ways to digest negative energy by themselves, and treat them with a positive, full and upward attitude. Work and face the people around you.


Have a bottom line

“Mencius” mentioned: People can do something or not, and then they can do something.

Reliable people have a red line in their hearts, knowing what to do and what to not do. They judge the situation, refrain from greed, make choices, know how to weigh, and will not act quickly or just look at small gains.

People who have no bottom line often get red eyes when they see Xiaoli, and do whatever they can to get everything they want. As everyone knows, it is too late to pass. In the end they not only hurt the innocent and lost the hearts of the people, but also lost their future.


Have a certain degree of execution

The above mentioned can be said to be the soft power of a reliable person, and having a strong execution ability and being able to handle certain complex affairs is the hard core of a reliable person.

Reliable people, capable and responsible, don’t hold back other people, interact with them, and save worry and effort.

Reliable people can not only handle the tasks assigned by others perfectly, but also take the initiative to find things to do according to their needs.

Others see certainty in you, and also see surprises, and thus generate trust.

Be a reliable adult. When difficulties come, I hope you have enough confidence and ability to say to the people around you: “Don’t worry, there is me.”