October 07, 2022

Why should we communicate in a timely manner no matter how good the relationship is?

All relationships lack communication and are a one-man show.

“The most terrible thing in the world is not to die alone, but to die with the person who makes you feel lonely.”

No matter how close the relationship is, without communication, there will be a distance between each other.


in life

Communicate in time and do less wasted work

There is a saying: “A lot of things are lost by not asking questions.”

If you don’t talk about him, don’t ask, treat each other well according to your own understanding, and finally find that what you do is useless.

There is an old couple who is over eighty years old, who have been respecting each other for nearly sixty years.

Whenever he eats eggs, the husband gives his favorite egg yolk to his wife, and only eats the egg white; the wife also gives his egg white to the husband, and only eats the egg yolk.

Later, when the husband died of a serious illness, he told his wife that what he liked most was egg yolk, and he gave his wife all his favorite parts.

At this time, my wife also burst into tears, sobbing and said, in fact, what I like to eat is egg whites, I thought you don’t like egg yolks, and leave the egg whites to eat for yourself, so I will also leave the egg whites for you to eat.

This old couple has loved each other for life in their own way. But the two sides have never really understood each other.

In the end, they have not eaten what they like in their entire lives.

Between people, there must be sincerity, trust, and the most important communication.

In any relationship, the most feared thing is not communicating.

Instead of guessing a person’s mind blindly, it is more effective to talk to him directly.


At work

Communicate in time, be more reliable

It’s the same at work. For matters assigned by superiors or others, if the execution process takes a long time, no matter what the situation is, there must be feedback in the middle and timely communication.

If your superiors or others ask you first, you will become passive, and if you take the initiative to report and communicate, you will leave a good impression of “proactive” in the minds of leaders or others.

Important progress should be reported in time.

The benefits of timely communication, on the one hand, should reassure leaders and others, and on the other hand, timely feedback of the situation can provide a basis for decision-making for contingency adjustments.

Essentially, timely communication emphasizes not only responsibility, but also teamwork and interpersonal sensitivity. It is not only to complete the thing itself, but also to have people who are related to it in the heart.

Rather than waiting until things happen before overreacting, violent words, or yin and yang accusing each other, and finally breaking up unhappy, it is better to communicate in time and make it clear beforehand.

If beforehand, everyone communicates with each other in advance about their own ideas, or what they hope the other party can do, and clarifies their division of labor, so that friction can be avoided.

As Leo Tolstoy said: “Communicating with people once is often more enlightening than years of hard thinking and meditation.”


No matter how good the relationship is

Have to communicate in time

Lack of communication between friends will neglect the friendship;

Lack of communication between lovers will make love fade;

Lack of communication between children will make the relationship unfamiliar.

Therefore, no matter how good the relationship is, don’t forget to communicate in time.

But in the communication between two people, 70% is emotion and 30% is content. If the mood is not right, the communication is wrong; if the communication is not right, the content will be distorted.

Therefore, we must not only communicate, but also be able to communicate.

1) To communicate, we must be sincere

Communication means that I put you in my heart and treat you with a sincere heart. No matter how the times change, sincerity is the basic requirement of life.

Speak sincerely, don’t resort to fraud, and don’t try hard. Speaking with love as the foundation, sincerely caring about each other, and expressing it from the perspective of love will give people strength.

2) Be able to communicate and respect others verbally

A person who can communicate must be a polite and humble person.

As the saying goes: a good word is three warm in winter, and a bad word is cold in June. Respecting others verbally is the bottom line of a person’s kindness.

Keep others in your heart, respect others in words, face people who are inferior to you, don’t be arrogant, face your inferior, don’t be humble.

3) Communication, but also to understand empathy

Everyone has their own different situations and identities.

Don’t forget his self-esteem when communicating with the elderly;

Communicate with a man and don’t forget his face;

Communicate with a woman and don’t forget her emotions;

Don’t forget his dignity when communicating with superiors;

Don’t forget his directness when communicating with young people;

Don’t forget his innocence when communicating with your child.

Know how to empathize, put the other person in mind, consider the problem from the other person’s perspective, and give the other person comfort with words.

Be cautious in your words and deeds. Before you speak, consider whether what you are about to say will cause harm to the other party. Speaking can’t just be fun, but learn to think in different places. Straightforwardness is not an excuse for hurting people.

Sometimes life is a kind of compromise, a kind of forbearance, and a kind of accommodation.

Not everything is suitable for tit-for-tat, sonorous and powerful.

Appropriate communication is often more deeply rooted in people’s hearts than sharp knives and hurtful words.