October 07, 2022

Among friends, you must pay attention to 9 “hidden rules”

1. Don’t show off in front of friends.

You bought a new car, you bought a new house, you have a new couple, try to avoid this kind of thing in front of your friends. You know yourself not to show off your wealth online, how can you show off in front of your friends?

2. Don’t worry about your friends’ personal affairs

No matter how good you two are, everyone has a corner in their heart that they don’t want to get involved. Respecting each other means respecting your feelings.

3. Don’t spend too much time with your friend’s partner

This is a very sensitive matter. You can guarantee that you will not have any problems, but can you guarantee that the other person does not have any “thinking” about you? Even if you are not “sick”, you still have to consider the feelings of your friends. Don’t mix things up.

4. If it’s not a treat, don’t let friends pay the bill

A friend is a friend, eat a potluck, but try to be AA system. Although it does not cost a few dollars, it is necessary to avoid making people feel uncomfortable.

5. Pay attention to money dealings with friends

When friendship involves money, it often becomes more difficult to handle. If you borrow money from a friend, you should pay it back as soon as possible. If two people are involved in buying and selling, they must make it clear beforehand, so as not to have differences in the future, and friends will not make it.

6. Remember to be grateful

When a friend is driving to find you, regardless of whether the other person is of the opposite sex or other, if there are only two people in the car, you should sit in the co-pilot. If they are of the same sex, they should take the initiative to ask for “parking fees” and so on.

7. If your friend hates smoking, don’t smoke in front of him

If you smoke, your parents and lover can tolerate it because they are a family with you. But a friend is a friend, and maybe he can’t endure your vices like a family member. If he has indicated that he doesn’t like you smoking in front of him, then bear with him.

8. Don’t say that someone else’s lover or partner is bad

No matter how bad it is, it shouldn’t be for you to say. If your friend doesn’t speak, he will never talk too much.

9. Don’t speak your friends in too harsh language

A friend is a friend, don’t think that it is your pet or you are someone’s parent. Too harsh language will only hurt the harmony, and few people will treat it as slanderous. Losing each other is happiness, and feel intimate for a while. If you think about it for a long time, those mean things must be a stabbing knife, and your feelings will be wiped away invisibly.