October 02, 2022

True friends: make friends lightly, stay slowly

In life, there are always more audiences than friends. The audience will only make people visually comfortable, but friends will move you inside.

Friends don’t meet every day, eat, drink and have fun, and tout each other.

But to understand you, spiritually, spiritually, support you, encourage you, and help you. When you are inadequate, correct you.

Caring, you don’t need sweet words, just sincere; friendship, you don’t need to remember the day and night; greetings, you don’t need to be beautiful, but sincere; love, you don’t need some form, just warmth.

A true friend is not about staying away from the left and right, but silent attention, a caring greeting, and a strong encouragement.

Friendship depends on getting along; never forever depends on time. As time goes by, those who are not destined to you will go away, and those who are destined to you will stay.

Friend, maybe you can’t go around the clock, maybe you don’t have sweet words. But it must be sincere, true love, and true love.

Don’t test your friends’ hearts lightly, let alone doubt your friends’ affections. No matter how good your relationship is, you can’t stand a suspicion.

People always care about a love and their position in the heart of the other person. Fate does not lie in length, but in mutual heart.

In a lifetime, not many can become true friends. Cherish what should be cherished and own what should be owned. In this way, it is warm and safe.

When a person is alive, the circle shouldn’t be too big, just to accommodate oneself and some people; friends don’t depend on many, just natural and casual.

Some people can only watch from a distance but not close; some words can only be spoken slowly but not exhausted.

Friend, make light friendship, take it slowly, and then it will last long; feelings, taste and taste, will have an aftertaste.

Friends are like tea, they need products; friendship is like water, they need lightness.

A good fate is recklessness; a good feeling is recklessness.

Do not insist on friendship, do not insist on not fragrant; Do not cherish companionship, cherish it for a long time. Some people fade away slowly; some love gradually fade away.

From nothing to talk at the beginning, to slowly nothing to talk; from no scruples at the beginning to scruples gradually.

Coming enthusiastically may not last for long; not far or near, it may not be quick to leave.

Feelings require understanding; getting along requires tacit understanding; companionship requires patience.

False feelings can’t be kept, sincerity will always be there.

A love exists because of sincerity; a heart never goes away because of pity.

In a lifetime, there are only a few who can become friends. It is really rare to cherish those who will be called friends a long time later.