October 02, 2022

Solitude, determine what kind of person you will become

Only when a person is alone can he be completely himself. If anyone does not love to be alone, then he also does not love freedom, because only when a person is alone, he is free.


Being alone can free you from the temptation of vain fame

Social, we are no strangers. Starting from opening my eyes in the morning, I picked up my mobile phone to browse information, greeted everyone when I went out, had a meal together, chatted… these were all normal social interactions.

Too many people put a lofty label on social networking, but they have given an unbearable definition of loneliness, so they have given too many young people the wrong guidance, always making them feel that they would rather cry in a failed social society. Don’t laugh in successful solitude.

There is a story circulating on the Internet: you are chopping wood, he is herding sheep, you talked with him for a day, his sheep is full, where is your firewood?

In life, a lot of social interaction is useless, it seems that there are other people’s contact information, but when you need help, it is just a call for nothing.

The social interaction between people is, in the final analysis, an equivalent exchange. Others are not willing to help you because they know that social interaction with you is not so valuable, and it is not enough for him to dig his heart out and help.

Instead of wasting time and energy to make so many irrelevant “friends”, it is better to spend more time learning how to be better alone and enrich your life.

Being alone can help us keep our hearts in mind, let us feel the true meaning of life with our hearts, and sum up the enlightenment brought by the crazy and noisy life. This is a sign of a person’s maturity and a sign of a person becoming strong and independent.

At this time, we are more concerned with our own hearts by faith, as long as we believe in ourselves, we will be extremely firm. At this time, we are also lonely, but only by enduring loneliness and criticism can we find the truest self.


Being alone is the best time to add value

Only those who are willing to be alone can understand, analyze, and think in silence, see the uniqueness from the ordinary, and figure out the clues from the chaos.


Being alone allows you to meet better people

Being alone, one can get rid of all distractions, know oneself more clearly, observe changes in the surrounding environment more comprehensively, so that one can get better promotion and opportunities.

When you are good enough, you will naturally attract equally good or even better people.


Good people are often not gregarious

In fact, a good person tends to have the courage to go upstream, and is more resistant to loneliness, and a good person is not out of gregariousness. It is just that loneliness is more like a pleasure than talking non-speculative conversation partners. People are either vulgar or lonely.

People need to have the skills of being in groups, and more importantly, the courage to be alone, but it is worth mentioning that the kind of loneliness that can achieve self is the most direct way to distinguish mediocrity.