October 07, 2022

People who don’t know how to chat usually have six problems!

The reason why people who don’t know how to chat can’t improve their chat level is precisely because they haven’t found any problems that don’t know how to chat. In order to help you improve your ability to chat, the following people who don’t know how to chat usually have six problems. I hope you can keep it in your heart, and then combine the actual situation to learn and apply, and your chat ability will increase day by day.

1. People who don’t know how to chat don’t know what the other party is thinking

On the contrary, I will say where I think about it, no matter if I talk about the other party’s heart or not, I will be unobtrusive, and the result is often like this, the other party will perfuse you with um, ah, or o’clock, and even end the chat early in the name of temporary affairs. As the saying goes: if you don’t talk too much, if you don’t talk to each other, it means there is no common language, which is both depressed and embarrassing.

2. People who don’t know how to chat, don’t know what they say

Even if you chat to meet the other party’s appetite, you don’t pay attention to the other person’s attitude change.When the other person’s attitude changes, but the speed or tone of the speech, plus the content of the chat, without timely adjustments, it will be difficult to achieve the expected results, even if you will Because of small loss and greatness, chat is both an art and a technique. Words are dead and people are alive. The words spoken must be adapted to the situation and guided by the situation.

3. People who don’t know how to chat, don’t think about other places

In fact, whether you are doing things or speaking, you must consider and look at the problem from the standpoint of the other party. A consensus will be reached. Even people who are not speculative will find a common language in another way. There is no way to talk, only people who can’t talk. A real chat master, no matter who you are with, you can talk freely, as the saying goes: talk to people when you see people, talk nonsense to people.

4. People who don’t know how to chat will not control their emotions

People who don’t know how to talk will be influenced and controlled by the other party, and then they will be used. The situation will naturally be passive, and the initiative of speech will fall on the side. Then, no matter what to talk about, they will be helpless. People who can chat in the real sense are handy and not surprised by their ability to control their emotions.

5. People who can’t chat will not change the way of chatting

I didn’t understand that chatting still requires a distinction between men and women. Because of this, people who can’t chat will chat with women in the way of chatting with men, and chat with men in the way of chatting with women. As you can imagine, chatting is veritable. By mistake.

6. People who don’t know how to chat will not figure out the meaning of each other’s words

Not only for their own words, but also for the other party’s words. People who can’t chat are outspoken. No matter what the other party says, they will reply without thinking. As you can imagine, the chat effect will be greatly reduced.