October 07, 2022

The best relationship between people: keep your distance

Getting along with people is a subject of learning, and it is really not easy to do well. If you are too far away, the relationship will be weak; if the reliability is too close, kindness and grievances will come.

As the saying goes, “distance produces beauty”, so the best relationship between people is four words: keep distance.


With your partner, leave room for each other

The way of husband and wife getting along is the way of grasping the distance between husband and wife. The relationship between husband and wife is very close, but this does not mean that there can be no little secrets between the two.

Especially couples who have different hobbies, can’t force each other to have the same hobbies as themselves. Keep a certain distance, agree with each other’s preferences, and then have their own circle of friends, and get along with each other happily.


Keep a certain distance with your children

With the development of society, more and more parents can accept a certain distance from their children. But the distance is not too far, both sides can take care of each other, and some contradictions and troubles can also be avoided.

There are boundaries, distances, and connections. The best distance is “the distance of a bowl of soup.”

Psychologically, you should also keep a certain distance from your children, so that they will not be hot because they are too hot, and they will not be cold because they are too cold.


Between relatives, we can’t do without respect

Family affection is an unforgettable emotion. Don’t be too casual when you get along with your loved ones, you must be respectful. You must be thankful for getting help from your loved ones, and you must provide timely help if your loved ones are in trouble.

Regarding the affairs of your relatives, listen carefully to what they are willing to say, and inquire less if they don’t want to say, don’t interfere, and don’t be unscrupulous.

Everyone has a corner in his heart that he doesn’t want to get involved in. To respect him is to respect your family affection.

With friends, always remember to ask for nothing

Some people get closer with their friends, and they start to have various requirements, and if their friends are not satisfied, they complain. Getting along with such friends makes people feel tired.

True friendship is pure and non-utilitarian. Friends help you is a sentiment, not helping you is a duty, can not use morals to kidnap them, ask them to meet your needs unlimited.


Between strangers, it’s good to say three things

Some people see it for the first time, and some people see it once or twice a year. Even if you get along with these unfamiliar people, no matter how good your first impression is, you can’t be indifferent.

Don’t try to spy on other people’s privacy, leave room for speaking, don’t overpower others, and speak at the right time.

When people get along with each other, only by keeping a distance can we feel the beautiful existence to the greatest extent.