October 02, 2022

There are many kinds of intelligence, the most advanced intelligence is reliable

There are many kinds of intelligence, and the most advanced intelligence is reliable.

“Reliable, simple to say, complicated to do”, there are too many smart people in the world, but few reliable people.

If smart is a fruit tree, then reliable must be the sweetest fruit; if smart is the climbing ladder, then reliable must be the strongest pedal.

Reliability is the highest evaluation of a person and the highest level of intelligence.


Reliable people, honesty

Whether a person is reliable depends on whether he keeps his promises and whether he has the ability to execute.

In life, you will always encounter this kind of person: you have promised well, but suddenly changed your mind when things happen; what they say is nice, but they never act. These are unreliable performance.

An unreliable person will lose many opportunities. Whether you are at work or in life, you are always unreliable and make people feel uneasy. Over time, no one will give you the task. So don’t blame others for not seeing your talents and abilities, it may be that your unreliability has harmed you.

Unreliability may also cause you to lose friends and people. Everyone likes to be with people who keep their promises and honesty. You always say you can’t do it. After a long time, friends will naturally alienate you.

Reliability in words is not as reliable as in actions, and you must do what you promise others.


Reliable people, know how to plan

Reliable people are prepared for everything. They never clung to the Buddha’s feet temporarily, so when difficulties or challenges come, they can always be more comfortable than others, and they are more reassuring.

A reliable person knows how to plan ahead and be prepared for danger in times of peace. They will carefully prepare every link, not let go of the details of life and work, and leave enough time for themselves.

A reliable person can always do everything in order, they will never deal with it perfunctorily, because you fool your life, and life will fool you. Rather than waiting to rework in the future, it is better to do it all at once.

A reliable person with a pattern and goals. They are steadfast in their work, never going around the corners, they have a good plan for their lives, and they never count one step at a time.

Life is changeable and people who know how to plan ahead are truly smart.


Reliable people, honest and kind

A reliable person must also be an upright and virtuous person.

A reliable person can be reassuring and reliant, and a large part of the reason is that he is bright and open-minded.

A reliable person will leave room for others. They do not take advantage of anything, are not greedy, and know how to make profit.

A reliable person thinks of others. They are not selfish or selfish, and they know how to push themselves and others.

A reliable person will respect others, they are not strong or domineering, and they are broad-minded. Reliable people are usually kind people, because they can be more reassuring.

Knowledge is similar to cleverness. If one has no virtue, then cleverness will only become a weapon to harm others. Being kind and reliable is really smart.

Smart is common, but reliable is rare. The highest level of intelligence is reliable. Reliability is “Anything with an explanation, everything has an answer, everything has an answer”