October 07, 2022

Why do people who often trouble others are more popular?

Do you have a kind of friend who often troubles others when doing things?

Obviously often do wrong things and finally throw them to others to solve, but you still seem to help him clean up the mess!?

And no matter how many times he will still agree to his request, it is even hard to tell from the bottom of my heart that you hate him~

In fact, behind this may be the so-called “Franklin effect”

What is the “Franklin effect”?

From the discovery of Franklin, the great man on the hundred-dollar bill: Compared with the people you have helped, those who have helped you once will be more willing to help you again.

Even if you are reluctant at first, when you start to help others, you will silently rationalize this helping behavior…

Secretly convinced yourself that the other person is actually good, and began to automatically find excuses for this troublesome thing!

In the end, you will even find that you actually like him!

In other words, if you can bother the other person, ask him to help you a little bit and give you a trace of kindness, then this kindness may eventually spread to other aspects and make you form a good impression in the other person’s heart.

At the same time, this also reminds us that the longer the tool person is, the more diligent he will be, and it is often just to sink himself deeper!

Change roles at the right time and ask the other person to do something for you. There will be a greater chance of heating up the relationship. After all, people are each other!

But also remember that one-sided selfless dedication will hardly produce good results in interpersonal relationships.