October 05, 2022

People with high EQ have these 10 habits


A sense of proportion

Reminder: If you want to grasp the sense of proportion, you must recognize your own role, don’t tell right and wrong, don’t expose shortcomings, don’t be jealous of others, and don’t underestimate others. Speak and do things well, and control the “degree” of interpersonal communication.


Good at listening

Reminder: The wise men in life are the ones who are good at listening. Listening is the best communication. When talking, keep your eyes on the other person sincerely, pay attention to the key points of the other person’s speech and give a short response. Don’t be preemptive, preconceived, don’t just interrupt casually, but listen patiently to the other person to finish the words before publishing. Own opinion.


Control your emotions

Reminder: To learn to be calm, you can practice meditation at ordinary times, broaden your mind through reading and travel, enrich your experience, and not be entangled with bad things. When emotions arise, you can properly resolve by listening to music. You can also record your mood swings, make a mood barometer, and adjust yourself in time.


Can afford to put down

Reminder: Whether it is emotion or fame, if you can afford it, let it go, you can afford it, because you care about others, let it go, and fulfill yourself, tiring, tiring, tiring attachments, or try to avoid it.


Be an educated person

Reminder: The so-called education is self-discipline, self-esteem and self-confidence, not taking advantage of others, not being humble or arrogant, not arrogant or impetuous, empathizing, treating others kindly and courteously. When you become educated, you will find that your world gets wider and wider.


Can say “no” in time

Reminder: Don’t accept the “good guy card” casually. You must uphold the mentality of “helping you is a passion, not helping you is a duty”, and help others appropriately within your own ability, instead of being used as a slave by others, you must dare to express your true thoughts. .


You can accept destiny calmly

Reminder: If things go against your wishes, there must be other arrangements. People who are really high in EQ can wait for their will. Please always be optimistic and forge ahead, be calm in gain, be indifferent to loss, fight for the inevitability, and let the flow go…


Learn to dress yourself

Reminder: Your external image is your business card. Dressing up is an ability, but also an attitude to life. No one is obliged to visit your rich heart through your sloppy appearance. Dressing up is responsible for yourself and others.

An elegant life begins with learning to dress up.


Your heart must be strong enough

Reminder: To make yourself strong, you have to learn not to care about others’ evaluations of yourself, and to “change it if you have it, and encourage it if you don’t.” You have to dare to be alone, dare not to socialize, dare to make mistakes! To please yourself rather than to please others, you have to live your own life.


Reading more is an exit to noble

Reminder: In your temperament, there are books you have read hidden. You have to choose a book that suits you, carefully make reading notes, organize your knowledge structure, let the essence of the book be used by me, and let yourself bloom in a low-key manner.

There is a widely circulated formula: human success = 1%IQ+99%EQ.

Cultivating your own high EQ is an investment that makes a profit without losing money. The world is dark, and your EQ is bright.