September 27, 2022

How to get a good “sense of boundaries” with the opposite sex?


How important is the sense of boundaries between the opposite sex?

Keeping distance is the proper way of communication.

When you find the right “sense of boundaries” with the opposite sex, you will understand that keeping a close distance is the proper way of communication.

The circles are different and cannot be forced;

The privacy of others is even more a taboo for you to ask;

If you want to be friends with others happily, you can’t overpower others;

Withdraw the glass heart, others are more willing to understand you.

The best heterosexual relationship is to keep a distance with a sense of boundaries.


Where is the sense of boundaries between the opposite sex?

A person’s high EQ does not care how much you know, but lies in being able to sense their role in the environment and quickly find their own place.

Neither go beyond the scope of belonging to others, nor allow others to trample on their own scope.

So where does the sense of boundaries in heterosexual interaction come from?

In my opinion, the real sense of boundary is the ability to clearly distinguish the boundary between oneself and others.

As if there is a barrier in my heart, I will not rush into other people’s territory, nor will I let others into my own territory in a confused way.

It is very popular among young people to have girlfriends of the opposite sex, and in the end they may become lovers. Therefore, only if you are single can you have a girlfriend of the opposite sex.

The boundaries of communication between opposite sexes are like some boundaries or things marking a limit, range or edge.

At the psychological level, boundaries are the perception that oneself and others are different individuals. Because of this sense of difference, each person has a unique and independent identity, and on top of this sense of boundaries, we will understand what to do What should not be done.

Really a sense of boundaries, but to keep intimacy, but also to keep distance.


What is the premise of the sense of boundaries between heterosexual interactions?

Nowadays, many young people think that everyone is young people playing together. What is the sense of boundaries?

In fact, otherwise, the more open and free the age, the more we need to stick to the scale in our hearts, the more we need to maintain mental prudence, and the more we need to pay attention to the rules of behavior.

This is the root of the problem. When one cannot find the premise of the sense of boundaries, let alone what is the sense of boundaries.

If the pleasure of interacting with the opposite sex comes from unfettered freedom, then the security of interacting with the opposite sex comes from the prudence and stability of restraint.

All the sense of boundaries in the communication between opposite sexes are based on the premise of relative freedom and relative caution.

Dance is beautiful with free and graceful dance steps. The dance is even more beautiful because you can still dance with shackles.


Keep a sense of boundaries between the opposite sex, you can do this

1. Don’t be passionate and want to be wrong

Many beautiful girls in life have many suitors around them. Many people will have a strange illusion because of this. They will feel that all the people in the world who strike up a conversation with them admire their own style and appearance.

When associating with friends of the opposite sex, don’t be affectionate. Don’t treat the praise and help of friends of the opposite sex as love for yourself. It is enough to treat them as affirmation and concern for yourself.

Being affectionate often hurts others, closes the door of friendship between oneself and the opposite sex, and also misunderstands the pure friendship between friends.

2. Don’t be overly attached to heterosexual friends

Don’t be overly attached to the interaction between friends of the opposite sex.

Many girls tend to be overly attached to male friends. Whenever they encounter a little difficulty, they ask their friends for help. If they have a little grievance, they confide in their friends. Psychologically, this is a childish mentality that always seeks security.

The same situation can be projected to the fact that when I was young, I was overly dependent on my parents and put my sense of security on my parents. When I grow up, I put this sense of security on my lovers or friends. Under this psychological hint, heterosexual friends are very It is easy to heat up into love, and it is easier to cast a shadow over friendship.

People who are overly attached have a strong desire to monopolize friends of the opposite sex, and they don’t want other close friends.

The greatest maturity of a person is to be able to get used to anyone’s hot and cold, and to accept anyone’s drifting away.

Not being too dependent is about respect for oneself and understanding of others.

3. Maintain a proper psychological distance

Even friends of the opposite sex who have a good relationship should retain their privacy and space.

Keeping a psychological distance will not alienate friends. On the contrary, it will make each other’s friendship deeper. It is precisely because of a certain psychological distance that it appears formal and not frivolous, and it will also make the friendship more affinity.

Such as inquiring and spying on other people’s family affairs, income, age, and even the other party’s marital status are all signs of ignorance and disrespect for the other party.

Establishing a friendship with the lover of a friend of the opposite sex is a good way to maintain a psychological distance. This will remind both parties not to forget the existence of their respective lovers.

The real understanding is not thinking about possession all the time, but looking at it from a distance.

Keep a proper distance in the process of communication between the opposite sex, maybe you will get a more pleasant view.

4. Don’t be too casual

Too restrictive in the relationship between men and women is certainly annoying, but it should not be too casual. Behaviors such as laughing and playing, pushing and pulling should be avoided.

It is important to know that men and women are different after all. Some topics can only be talked between the same sex, and some jokes should not be messed up in front of the opposite sex. In addition, men and women should pay attention to self-esteem and self-love when communicating with men and women.

The seriousness and respect that one person shows in the details of the interaction often affects the result of the interaction between two people.

5. Say “no” bravely

When you find that a friend of the opposite sex wants to surpass friendship, have the courage to say “no”.

Just like a lot of people make so-called “confidantes with blue eyes and ladies in pink”, if you don’t even know yourself, do you think others will know you and know you?

Don’t socialize in order to make so-called friends, let alone to accommodate the other party’s excessive demands in order to maintain friendship. If your friend stays away from you because of your rejection, don’t be sad, so why don’t you have a bad-hearted friend?

But pay attention to the way of saying “no”, be moved with affection and reason, and try to avoid hurting the other party. Married people can reject the excessive demands of friends of the opposite sex from the side by mentioning their close relationships.

True respect often starts with respecting yourself.

Bravely saying “no” is the best way for you to stick to the boundaries of heterosexual relationships.


As long as a person has a sense of boundary in the interaction with others, he has a very high level of accomplishment.

Will not intervene in other people’s affairs casually, and will not interfere with other people’s lives. Even if the other person is very close to your life, it will give you an inexplicable sense of security and belonging.

All the sense of boundaries in this world is just keeping a close distance, which is the most appropriate way of communication.

I hope you and I can find the most suitable good friends with the most suitable sense of boundaries.