September 30, 2022

Interpersonal communication in some of the truth, you know?

1. Cultivate your core values

If you are good, good people will naturally approach you. Don’t be young and be full of connections. A good person can understand whether you are real or you can pretend.

2. Learn to refuse appropriately.

No one is omnipotent, you are needed everywhere. To habitually please others is more natural than others.

3. Don’t take others’ kindness towards you for granted.

Except for your relatives in this world, no one else has an obligation to treat you well. If you encounter kindness, please know to cherish and be grateful.

4. The relationship that is deliberately maintained will not last.

People want to maintain a long-term and comfortable relationship, relying on commonality and attraction, rather than oppression, bondage, blind pay and moral self-movement.

5. Don’t betray a friend’s privacy to please others.

Only when friends trust you can they show their unwillingness to be known to others. As a friend, we should cherish this kind of trust, instead of using it as a source of talk one day.

6. Don’t speak so loudly.

Sometimes we speak loudly, even if the content of the speech is harmless, it will give others a fierce, rude and extreme impression. Especially for girlfriends.

7. Don’t talk shallowly and deeply.

Be sure to control your enthusiasm and mouth with unfamiliar people, with appropriate reservations. Be especially careful with people who are familiar with each other. Many of them are just enthusiasm out of habit, and have no intentions at all.

8. Don’t think that if you give sincerely, others should accept it.

Whether it is emotional or material, if the other party does not accept it, it will be a burden to him. If you have to force it, it is not a good thing for yourself and others.

9. Say important things three times.

Others can laugh at themselves but you must not agree! Others can laugh at themselves but you must not agree! Others can laugh at themselves but you must not agree!