October 05, 2022

What causes venereal neurosis?

(1) Cause of disease

1. Own factors

Little knowledge of the transmission route of STDs. One-sidedly exaggerate the possibility of non-sexual contact infection. Have a history of extramarital or pre-marital intercourse, masturbation or other sexual behaviors.

Although the venereal disease was ruled out after many clinical and laboratory tests. But he was still full of doubts and anxiety.

I have suffered from venereal diseases, and have been treated and have been cured. But still can’t rest assured. Fear of a resurgence.

Patients often have certain qualities and personality characteristics before illness, such as dependence, shyness, passiveness, timidity, sensitivity, and suspiciousness.

2. Medical factors

Misdiagnosis or improper explanation, such as misdiagnosing non-STDs as STDs, and saying mild illnesses as serious illnesses. Exaggerate the contagiousness and harmfulness of STDs.

Illegal medical practitioners treat non-STD or cured STD patients as STD patients, administer large prescriptions, expensive drugs, or administer unnecessary examinations and other treatments, which increase the psychological and economic burden of patients.

(2) Pathogenesis

The pathogenesis is not very clear. It is generally believed that the disease is self-compulsive neurosis. In the absence of sexual knowledge, inappropriate publicity, self-behavioural memory, as well as abnormal psychological behaviors caused by mental stimulation, trauma, and neurological symptoms with venereal disease fear as the content.