September 30, 2022

How to treat venereal neurosis?

1. Psychotherapy

Also known as psychotherapy, it refers to the treatment of high-level neural activity through the second signal system to eliminate mental disorders. Psychotherapy is very important, and its main contents are as follows:

(1) Doctors should carefully listen to the medical history and conduct examinations with sympathy, understanding, sincerity and patience, explain to the patient the relevant knowledge of STDs in scientific and popular language, and compare the patient’s clinical manifestations and laboratory examination results with the suspected STDs for comparison. The reasoning must be logical and the conclusion must be clear and correct. If necessary, relevant clinical and laboratory tests can be done again to clarify doubts. Obtaining patients’ trust and cooperation with doctors is the key to successful treatment.

(2) Suggestive therapy: including verbal suggestion and drug suggestion, it is mostly used when positive explanation and psychological counseling are still not effective. There should be clear pertinence in the choice of language and medicine.

(3) Well-intentioned criticism should be given to those who have obvious mistakes in understanding and thinking.

(4) Hypnotherapy, systemic desensitization, music therapy, mind transfer therapy, etc. can be given to patients with severe psychological and behavioral abnormalities.

2. Adjuvant treatment

Appropriate treatment is given to certain symptoms of the patient. If insomnia can be given sedatives. Psychiatric drug adjuvant therapy, commonly used are doxepin, amitriptyline, sulpiride, clomipramine (clomipramine), estazolam (sulpentine) and so on. For loss of appetite, medicines that invigorate the stomach and help digestion can be given. Chinese medicine Guipi Decoction, Anshen Decoction, etc., as well as acupuncture and certain physical therapies, have the effect of eliminating or reducing symptoms. If the patient suffers from other non-venereous diseases, they should ask relevant experts for timely treatment. For the sequelae of the STDs, such as urethral strictures, should be treated actively while explaining to the patients that STDs have been cured.