September 30, 2022

Was misunderstood, should I explain?

Everyone has different ideas. We cannot take care of everyone’s mood. It is impossible for everyone to like ourselves. Misunderstanding is inevitable. What it’s like to be misunderstood, there is a bitterness that can’t be said…If you are misunderstood, should you explain it?

01. Laugh away

It is normal to be misunderstood, even if it is your closest person. Don’t always expect others to think about it with you. After all, if you have different hearts, you have different ideas. When there is a contradiction, you might as well laugh it off, believing that time is the best running agent.

02. It’s not a pity to lose anyone

When I was misunderstood in the past, I always wanted to explain clearly at the first time. Now I don’t want to. It is not because I become lazy, but I feel unnecessary. Since it can be misunderstood, it shows that there is still a gap between each other, and it is no pity for anyone to lose. The more people live, the more self-reliant and self-reliant they are, and the more emotionally they don’t need to attach to and rely on anyone, so that the less afraid of losing someone.

03. Rather than crying and running, it is better to move forward

I am not accustomed to showing my pain to others, because I am afraid of other people’s comfort and do not want to receive mercy. Compared to the talk and cry of the weak, I prefer the pride and look up of the strong. Dark clouds are in my heart, and my face is calm. Even if it’s misunderstood, don’t clarify, don’t explain, don’t care…

04. Time will give the best answer

Not to mention, it is a kind of generosity. Whether things are true or false, time will give the best answer. Don’t rush to explain anything, don’t confide in anything, it only takes a few years to learn to speak, but decades to learn to be silent.