October 07, 2022

Social phobia: not just shy

With the increasing pressure of modern people, social phobia has become the third mental illness after depression and alcoholism. Social phobia is not just as simple as introverted shyness, but a kind of negative psychological barrier to group attitudes that appears at the psychological level. Let us understand how to deal with social phobia.

Some people hate to face the crowd and always avoid crowded places subconsciously, but they are not out of timidity or shame in seeing people, but have a strong sense of rejection and anxiety towards the outside world. This kind of anxiety and various obstacles to the social activities of group life is what people call social phobia. Social phobia is a mental illness. Patients generally like to be in their own world and always find it difficult to communicate with the outside world. Except for a few close people, they rarely communicate with others. I feel that something is wrong with my body.

Social phobia is a mental illness in which you feel intense fear or anxiety about any social or public situation. Patients have a significant and lasting fear of social or performance occasions that are in front of strangers or may be carefully observed by others, fearing that their behavior or nervous performance will cause humiliation or embarrassment. Some patients find it difficult to attend parties, call, go shopping in stores, or ask authority figures. Psychologically diagnosed as Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), it is a kind of anxiety disorder. This disease first originated in 1985, when it was considered to be neglect anxiety disorder, and it was gradually recognized after 14 years.

How to judge social phobia?

How do you know if you are suffering from social phobia? The doctor points out the following three points for self-test:

1. Are you afraid that others will think you are stupid or worried about looking shy?

2. Are you unwilling to be the focus of others’ attention?

3. Will you refuse to talk to others or do certain things because you are afraid of feeling shy or embarrassed in front of others?

If you have two of the above three situations, you may be suffering from social phobia; if these situations have made you want to hide at home and are unwilling to contact any strangers, you may need to receive counseling or Treated.

Treatment for social phobia?

The general procedure is to increase the tolerance to fear by gradually increasing the social situation, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating the social fear response.

First of all, you must keep telling yourself that this fear can be eliminated. And correctly understand the procedures of interpersonal interaction, and understand the methods of interpersonal interaction.

Secondly, we must find out the kinds of things that generate social fear, and try to dig the roots of the soul. Then in an imaginary space, constantly simulate the scene of social phobia, constantly practice the plot of recurring symptoms, and constantly encourage yourself to face this kind of scene bravely, so as to adapt to this anxiety and tension environment from the imaginary .

Then participate in small gatherings and try to express your views; finally, associate with people you are afraid of and reward yourself at all times. Using this method, regular and continuous practice, will make a great improvement in the symptoms.

Finally, use compulsive therapy, small steps gradually. First stand on the busy street; reduce the number of people after adapting, go shopping in the mall and then reduce the number of people, participate in some large-scale gatherings;

Because people are facing more and more pressures, the number of people affected has a tendency to increase. And for doctors, the difficulty in treating these patients is not that more and more people are sick, but that people suffering from social phobia are often afraid or unwilling to contact strangers, or afraid of being posted. On the label of “mentally ill” and reluctant to seek medical treatment. Mental illness is not terrible. The terrible thing is that you dare not face yourself. Only when you face yourself, understand yourself and face the society you live in, can you break through the psychological barrier.