October 07, 2022

Workplace: What kind of distance is the most beautiful?

Distance is a kind of physical phenomenon, but also a kind of interpersonal knowledge, it is a problem that must be faced in office. In a small office space, how to control the physical distance between people and colleagues? If you deliberately keep a distance from your colleagues, you will be considered too indifferent if you are far away; if you are too close, you may be charged with “sexual harassment”. Distance is not only a physical problem, but also a psychological, social, and very far-reaching problem that affects the interaction between people. The distance between colleagues of the opposite sex is even more complicated and subtle…

1. Distance produces beauty

Who is the person who spends the longest time with you every day? Not your relatives, not your friends, but your colleagues. He and you face to face and shoulder to shoulder in the office, working together, eating and drinking together, and having fun together.

A good relationship with colleagues is a good thing. But remember that colleagues refuse to be intimate. A colleague is a colleague, not a friend. To make friends, apart from being like-minded, loyal character is the most important thing. Once you choose me, I choose you. It is the responsibility of both parties to trust each other and be loyal to friendship. Colleagues are different. Generally speaking, if you don’t create your own business and don’t want to smash your own jobs, then it is impossible for you to choose a colleague unless you work in the personnel department. Therefore, you must not have high expectations of your colleagues, otherwise you will easily get into trouble and be misunderstood. A proper distance can make you look the most beautiful with him.

2. Between the opposite sex: refuse intimacy

It is already the 21st century, and the work exchanges between the sexes are very frequent. It can no longer be measured by the old notion that men and women are giving and receiving.

Because of the opposite sex, there are generally many differences in views on many things. If you are a very modest person in front of the opposite sex, you will find that you are well-loved among the opposite sex. Because most people have no sense of rejection of the opposite sex and like to help their work partners, they regard this as a sign of their colleagues’ sense of accomplishment.

Birds of a feather flock together. Colleagues and friends are people who share a common language and have a good impression of each other. If the opponent shoots Cupid’s arrow, it should be wisely resolved. Never give the other party acquiescence and encouragement.

Taking a generous and non-frivolous attitude towards the opposite sex is a very important principle in working relationships with the opposite sex. This includes both behavior and speech. Dealing with some affairs in the office with respect for each other’s work partners of the opposite sex will make some complicated things easier. Never treat the heterosexual relationship in the office as a result similar to what is expected in a “love relationship”, and do not develop a relationship with a certain opposite sex that is more intimate than others.

3. Correct communication principles

Experts summarize the principles of communication between colleagues into five points.

(1) Sincere

Intriguing deception and hypocritical perfunctory are both blasphemy on colleague relations. Sincerity is not written on the face, but from the heart. Disguised sincerity is more annoying than true deception.

(2) “Those who love others will always love them; those who respect others will always respect them”

No one will accept us or like us for no reason. People like us are often based on the premise that we like them and recognize their value.

(3) Create an atmosphere of freedom

Let others interact with us in an atmosphere of equality and freedom.

(4) Maintain the self-esteem of others

To put it simply is to give others face. But this does not mean greet others everywhere in the interaction with colleagues.

(5) Let others feel that it is worth to associate with you

We are always exchanging certain things in communication, or material, emotion, or other things. But in it, we should pay attention to not being afraid of losing money, not eager to get rewards and not paying too much.