October 05, 2022

4 psychological tips to improve communication skills

How to listen to others cleverly?

The more you listen, the more people you will trust and a better conversation partner. Of course, becoming a good listener is not an easy task. Here are 5 suggestions for reference:

1. Look at the speaker

2. Get close to the speaker and listen attentively

3. Ask questions

4. Don’t interrupt the speaker’s topic

5. Use the speaker’s name

How to influence others cleverly?

The first step in getting people to do things as you wish is to find out what motivates them to do it (that is, what they want). Tell others what they want to hear and they will be moved.

You simply need to explain to them that after doing what you ask them to do, they can get what they want. The way to “understand what people think” is: ask more, observe more, listen more, plus your own unremitting efforts.

How to skillfully make others make decisions?

1. Tell people why they want to agree with you. Tell people that they will benefit by doing what you say, not yourself.

2. Ask questions that can only be answered with “right”. However, care should be taken to ask these “right” questions appropriately. In other words, when you ask such questions, you should nod your head and start your question with “you”.

3. Let people choose one of two “good”. The trick is to let them choose one of your two “cans.”

4. Expect people to say “Yes” to you and let them know that you expect them to answer in the affirmative.

How to skillfully mobilize other people’s emotions?

1. Remember, the first moment of any interaction often determines the tone of the entire interaction process.

2. Next, use the second basic law of human behavior-people always react strongly to others in a group.

Therefore, at the very beginning, the moment your eyes meet, before you speak, before you break the silence, please show your kind smile. People can’t realize that there are as many rewards as they give. Don’t forget, from now on, please show your smile, just like a professional actor model, and say to yourself-“Laugh!”