October 05, 2022

The seven easiest ways to get along with people

1. Check

As long as you are alive, there will always be people and things you worry about; as long as you get along with people, there will always be moments of anger and sadness.

People often say that you make me worry, make me angry, and make me sad. In fact, no one makes you upset. The upset is because the actions of others do not meet your standards.

For fear of offending people, if you suppress yourself and hold back for a long time, you will get angry about a trivial matter, which makes people feel inexplicable. Getting along is simple: check.

2. Ask yourself more

If you ask more about what you should do when you get along with others, instead of what others should do, you will have a lot of wisdom and ability, and there will be a lot less disputes with others, and more importantly: there will be a lot more peace and harmony in your heart. Human harmony.

3. Don’t expect feedback

We often do many things for others. After doing so, intentionally or unconsciously, we hope that the other party can express respect and gratitude. When we do not receive feedback, we will feel unhappy. In work and life, the unhappiness stemming from this kind of scene is not earth-shattering, but it makes people feel bad.

In fact, we can never control the actions of others, but we can control our expectations and actions. Don’t expect feedback, just try your best to help others and you won’t be disturbed.

4. No judgment and no blame

When you feel that your lover, colleagues, neighbors, teachers, or strangers on the bus, shop assistants, or teahouse guys are distant, angular, or a little cold, they must be hurt and painful in their lives. Perhaps because of being hurt, perhaps because of being alone, facing life with no one to protect, or experiencing the disappointment, pain and coldness of too many people and things.

Therefore, instead of judging and accusing, with a sense of understanding, silently pray for their peace

5. Let go

After a quarrel between lovers and lovers, it is obviously uncomfortable, but no one cares about others, and is unwilling to take the initiative to ease the cold war, thinking that active communication is a price reduction, and actively admitting mistakes will be looked down upon by the other party. Home is not a battlefield, nor a game field, but a place to feel warmth and freedom.

Here, we must let go of ourselves. Being active and passive is not important. Warmth and happiness are the kingly way, and everything must make way for it. Life is the result of choice, either passively suffering or active happiness.

6, listen to each other

Many people think that they have said what they want to say, and if they want to lose their temper, they are communicating. When listening to other people’s speech, a lot of thoughts are on how to argue against the other person. Before the other person has finished speaking, they immediately explain their own reasoning, the more they talk Angrily, the result was unhappy, and then he said that he could not communicate.

Real communication is to listen to the other party’s heart fully, feel the other party’s feelings, understand the other party, and then check whether you really understand it. The other party thinks that you understand it.

7. Caring for yourself

In fact, if you are unsatisfactory in this life, it is not because of other reasons, but because you have never been satisfied with yourself. The ruler is short, the inch is long, no one is perfect.

There is no perfect person or thing. If you think others are perfect, it is because you are too far away. To see my dissatisfaction, it is too close. You are not as bad as you think, and others are not as perfect as you think.